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Slow and Steady Wins the Race?


I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want….it’s a little bit more job and financial security.  Ugh! Booooring.

There’s a phrase - or a variation of it – that might just be the one I’ve uttered more than any other in my time as a recruiter. It goes something like this; “Don’t take a job purely for the starting salary or you’ll end up leaving again in 6 months. Think instead about where a job will take you over 2-3 years”.   

There’s sincerity and commerciality here; I do genuinely believe in the advice…and of course I don’t want my clients wondering why my candidates keep leaving after a few months in the role.

Boring is more exciting

For so many right now it is definitely all about the money, money, money. It has to be!  However, it’s not flashy bonuses and incentives currently on the radar. The gold at the end of the rainbow?: consistent pay-rises. Boring old consistent pay rises.

The problem is that nearly a third of all business are unwilling or unable to raise salaries right now. With wages are not keeping up with inflation, it means that those flashy signing bonuses, end-of-year lump sums and other benefits are what’s being used to lure new employees (or keep existing ones happy).

Around 60% of workers under 34 see bonuses as a ‘lifeline’ in this current cost-of-living crisis, but around the same number also state they’d far prefer a healthier rate of pay and the year-round financial support it brings.

Everyone loves a bonus, but no-one wants to ‘need’ them just keep their head above water.

Remember, this is the sought-after ‘digital native’ generation. It might be time to take heed of what they’re saying they want (what they really really want).

Check out this recent report by benefits firm Zest for more on this.

- Tariq Siraj

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas