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TikTok – a New Tool to Attract Talent?


In the war for talent, firms are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract potential candidates away from competitors. One new tool that has seen increased use to this effect is the growing social media giant: TikTok.

TikTok has shown itself to be effective at cutting through the commercial, hyper-edited content which has become a feature of corporate social media pages – a style that simply doesn’t resonate with a growing number of the workforce.

The company's elevation of grassroots content appears to be encouraging gen z and millennial candidates to apply for roles they wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

Adopting this platform can therefore help those recruiting adapt to the shift in employee values that we are currently seeing take place. 

When establishing a presence on TikTok, it is important to consider who your target audience is and what style of media they are consuming. Younger audiences deal with many competing voices, wrestling for their attention, so it is important that your messaging is concise and with purpose.

The size of your firm will determine who may be best suited to represent your brand. The good news is that anyone can become an “influencer”. TikTok’s viewing algorithms have democratised the platform so that newcomers are fairly positioned to reach large audiences, alongside established players.

Regardless of who represents your company, it is essential that their content is perceived as authentic. The true challenge for any firm will therefore be how to balance professional credibility with the view of being to a certain extent: unfiltered.

When the job market grows tighter, securing the right talent becomes all the more important. New tools such as TikTok should be carefully considered when determining how to get ahead of the curve and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

- John Barker

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas