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BLT: In-house Indirect Tax Recruitment


It’s been a particularly great six months for in-house Indirect Tax recruitment round here at BLT; we’ve successfully filled all but one of the permanent in-house Indirect Tax opportunities that we have been engaged on since March 2017!  A fair few more currently in train….but we’re delighted with how things have gone so far this year.

We’re not exactly known for blowing our own trumpet, but in an age where the temptation is for some companies is to shove an advert up on Linked In and see what happens, we’d suggest that this isn’t the most productive way of recruiting into such a niche area like Indirect Tax – you’ll save yourself time, money and an awful lot of aggravation by coming straight to the specialists. More often than not, you’ll likely get either no responses, a few of mostly dubious quality or applications from broader based tax/accounting specialists who haven’t got the deep specialist experience required! We’re regularly called upon to ‘rescue’ a recruitment assignment when direct sourcing or other larger, less specialised tax recruiters have failed. So why is this?

  • Quite frankly, most Indirect Tax specialists don’t have the time or energy to scour Linked In looking for the latest jobs. Most are productively and happily employed in their current roles and are more passively alive to hearing of alternatives. Which is where we come in.
  • Indirect Tax specialists tend to leave management of their career moves to BLT; they trust us to come up with the most appropriate options, and advise whether or not it’s something they should consider.
  • No-one likes applying online to a faceless entity! Whether they need more background information as to why the role has arisen, the culture or the organisation or more insight into role content above and beyond words on a job description, that’s what BLT provide.
  • After 30 years of specialising exclusively in Indirect Tax recruitment, we’ve by far the largest network of contacts in order to deliver the right result.
  • Working with BLT gives a company a stamp of approval in the eyes of the Indirect Tax population – they know that the company knows what its looking for with the Indirect Tax hire, and therefore have engaged with the right recruiters to help with the search.
  • Our clients trust us to advise them appropriately; they’ll have been given advice on what kinds of background would be most appropriate for the hire; they’ll have gained insight into current market conditions, they’ll know that we fully understand the brief and the drivers behind the appointment.
  • BLT don’t submit inappropriate CVs. Simple as that.
  • BLT don’t put applicants forward without candidates’ express permission. You’ll know that the applicants are genuinely interested in the role and your company, minimising fall-out along the way.
  • We’re adept at project managing recruitment assignments; spotting and dealing with any possible hurdles, ensuring applicants are engaged with the role, chivvying things along and managing expectations from both sides.

Maybe you have an Indirect Tax hire on the cards coming up and need some advice? Maybe you’re struggling to fill an existing Indirect Tax slot? Talk to the specialists, we’ll do our very best to deliver the best candidate for the job within the timeframes you want.

For more information about BLT’s services and how we can help, contact Guy Barrand or Emma Wade at or + 44 (0) 207 405 3404

- by Guy Barrand

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas