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The importance of flexibility in a lockdown…


Flexibility is key to maintaining some semblance of normal life right now and what we might have considered flexible before has been thrown out of the window. As we all adjust to these weird new conditions one positive that’s coming up again and again is innovative solutions and most of it isn’t particularly ground-breaking it’s just different from the norm.

The most obvious change to affect millions of individuals has been working remotely, having video meetings and calls daily and using a variety of instant messaging apps to update each other on whatever new series you might be watching (if you haven’t seen Tiger King it’s an amazing distraction for a day or two!) and work when necessary. There’re also the personal aspects of video calling friends and family, just yesterday I celebrated my dad’s 70th birthday with 40 of his friends. As you can imagine this was a nightmare not least because half of the assorted participants couldn’t work Zoom but even so being willing to try it meant a huge amount.

Then there are businesses and business leaders innovating to help those they can and stories from schools/universities about their ideas to help children stay engaged and students attend graduation.

Finally, there are the smaller changes to help us not only carry on but keep enjoying ourselves. Whether it be online pub quizzes, parties, exercise classes, virtual tours or watching plays put on at The National, who have kindly made them free on Youtube, there are a huge number of regular activities still achievable with a bit of flexibility and a good internet connection. In some of the more innovative examples I’m booked in to do an escape room via video using the owners as avatars and my cousin spent his Saturday climbing the 3 peaks for charity using his stairs and at one point a fan/water bottle combination to simulate the awful weather.

I find seeing people and businesses carrying on gives a great deal of hope and security at a difficult time. With flexibility and innovation the world will always keep moving at a pace but it might just be a very different world at the end of the year. If you’re working or not or you’re just interested in what others are doing to keep going please get in touch via email or on LinkedIn. I’d be happy to discuss everything we are seeing in the market and hopefully make sure you’re in the best position possible to keep going.

- by Davey Peyton

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas