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Company Culture – Has it been missed?


How do you assess company culture and make sure it’s properly communicated? Especially now when interviewees don’t even have the opportunity to chat to a few other people between interviews while in the office or have a look around the lay out and general atmosphere.

Two thirds of employees surveyed by Career Builder felt they’d taken jobs that were a bad fit and over 50% left those jobs within 6 months. Given the time, money and effort expended on new employees in this period this is something companies can ill afford at this time. It’s a crucial aspect of remote interviews that can often be overlooked and the onus is on both parties to bring it up.

This article from Forbes contains a good list for interviewees to gain a better understanding that can help with a more positive move. We’ve all had a year to reflect and look at what’s important at work and for companies what direction they want to move in now we have some sort of certainty, maybe, possibly somewhere over the horizon. So interviewers make sure to sell your culture more than before and interviewees break out the questions because no one wants to be back on the market again in 6 months (because we might be allowed to go back outside by then)!

- by Davey Peyton

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas