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We’ve been working on a number of culture related roles recently and this article looks at how plans can fall short before they even start. As we all return to the office and settle into what is likely to be the future of work many candidates and clients are eager to set out their new plans. For candidates it’s looking at new roles, potentially new geographies and new expectations. Clients are the same, looking at new markets and outlining their plans early to ensure they are ahead of or up to speed with the rest of the market.

It’s an exciting and overwhelming time and in that sense it’s easy to lose sight of new plans and new ideas and just revert to tried and tested methods which have worked before. It’s not to say the ways of working have changed so much that we can never go back but those who embed new cultures and new advantages found during the past year will certainly feel the benefits.

The recruitment market across management consulting is busier than ever and more competitive with all of the established and challenger firms pushing to grow. The Microsoft Work Trend Index found that 40% of people were looking to change their jobs this year, other studies range from 26% in the US and 38% in the UK, and through LinkedIn it’s clear there has been a huge shift.

As we come to the end of the year (how is it already almost October!) there are fewer people actively looking and there’s more choice. This combination has pushed culture to the forefront as the first questions outside the job spec are around culture and future plans. We always encourage adding it to upfront discussions, advertising and interviews, it’s the best way to sell yourself and ensure hires are there for the long term.

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- by Davey Peyton

Posted by: Beament Leslie Thomas