Hip festival or grotty bar – what sort of gig do we have?

A lot has been said about the so-called ‘Gig Economy’ recently; issues around flexible working, zero hours’ contracts, minimum wage, workers rights, benefits, inequality…the discussion points are endless – but perhaps that reflects how important an issue it is and how deeply the issue has permeated the modern business (and recruitment) world.

Chris Roebuck, a Leadership Expert at Cass Business School, sums the issue up perfectly in a recent blog and appearance on BBC News:  http://www.chrisroebuck.co/gig-economy-brave-new-world-or-poison-chalice/

Fundamentally a balance needs to be found between the positive; ie the flexibility, freedom and greater finances it offers the highly skilled, experienced and qualified – and also the more negative; ie the enforcement of less benefits and lower hours which the less skilled and less qualified often would prefer to avoid.

In this economic reality we now live in, you could argue that a job of any sort is better than none at all and – particularly with regards those less qualified – huge number of jobs are being created entirely because of such an initiative.

I tend to think this is a work in progress.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

-          Tariq



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