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BLT’s Customs & Global Trade Team distribute a quarterly Newsletter with the latest insights on the world of Indirect Tax.

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In addition we publish an Indirect Tax Market Report & Salary Survey every two years, available on request, which is packed to the brim with useful information such as:

  • Detailed global salary bandings and bonus trends for both the professional services and in-house markets;
  • Detailed commentary on the UK and international hiring trends;
  • The efforts to address the gender imbalance;
  • The most popular levels of experience for different types of businesses to recruit from;
  • Qualifications, and much, much more.

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Latest Newsletter


Salary SurveySeptember 2021


Dear SubscriberThat time of year again! It’s been two years since the publication of BLT’s last biennial Indirect Tax Salary Survey & Market Report – and it’s not exactly been uneventful.The world of late 2019 seems a lifetime ago, and a very different place to today. To what extent has the pandemic impacted life as an Indirect Tax specialist? More opportunity or less? Should we expect the current upsurge in demand for Indirect Tax specialists in some quarters to have an impact on what Indirect Tax specialists should expect to earn?What levels of experience and in which sectors have the in-house roles been typically coming in at? What have been the trends in hiring in professional services? Working from home or in an office? Is there still a gender imbalance? Are qualifications important? The new Report, which we’ll publish in January, should go some way to giving you the answers. As ever, the results are only as good as the information collected, and for that we need your help.

We’d be hugely grateful if you would take a moment to complete the quick questionnaire


Do feel free to forward on to any Indirect Tax friends and colleagues who you feel might like to contribute – the more data gathered from the global Indirect Tax community the better!This year more than ever, we’re looking forward to collating the results – it should prove fascinating.Wishing you all the best

BLT’s Indirect Tax Team

Guy Barrand & Emma Wade

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