Preparing your CV

Here are our Top CV Tips:

  • Length: Three pages is ideal. More experienced individuals can stretch to four pages, those at the early stages of their career should stick to two.
  • Opening: A couple of short, factual paragraphs which highlight your skills and provide an overview of your work experience.
  • Layout: Put your experience in reverse chronological order (latest role first), and you should provide detail of the month/year you started and finished with each company.
  • Describing each role: For each company you have worked for, provide a short description of the company’s business activities and your position within that company structure, including reporting lines. Include detail of any promotions. Follow this by articulating your own duties and accountabilities within each role.
  • Achievements: describe the value you personally brought to your employment in each role.
  • Education and Qualifications: be explicit about degree subjects, grades and awarding institutions, and list and date all professional qualifications.
  • Contact Points: don’t forget to put down your full postal address, email address(es), fixed and mobile telephone numbers.
  • Other useful information: Notice period, driver’s licence, details of software experience, languages.
  • Fill in the blanks: Explain any gaps in your CV.

And try to avoid these common CV blunders:

  • Grammatical errors and typographical mistakes.
  • Stick to the facts. Your CV should detail your roles, responsibilities and examples of achievements.
  • Don’t exaggerate; in your enthusiasm to sell yourself, try to not to come across as arrogant!
  • Avoid platitudes and clichés such as ‘excellent interpersonal skills’
  • Avoid using employer logos and photos.
  • Don’t mix different text colours and fonts.

Send in your CV with a covering note to one of our recruiters and we’ll contact you to discuss the way forward:

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