Do we need privacy in lockdown? by Catriona Cookson

I’m working my way through the topics and tips from Jon Bailey – @SloopJontyB , the ex Royal Navy chap who spent a lot of time in submarines, and this week it’s privacy.

I’d never really thought much about privacy during this lockdown phase until I read this from Jon …

PRIVACY: the only place private at sea was your bunk. Make a dedicated private time / place in the routine. Even if you timeshare the front room get everyone a couple of hours alone. Do whatever you want: watch shit films, pray, yoga, arrange matches: whatever gets you through.

In my house at the moment it’s just me and my husband, and we are lucky to have a garden. We’re both working from home during the day and can really do as we wish in our “free time” ….no tiny tots at our feet or teenagers skulking around, no challenges of home schooling. The working from home is fine, but being confined to home every day in free time is trickier.

In the first couple of weeks we had lunch together every day ……”This is nice” I thought as we tucked into our sandwiches, but after reading Jon’s article and putting a routine in place, I suggested we eat separately at lunchtime and have some free time and space away from work. And so I moved to a later lunch more in tune with what I would do in the office and like to catch up on some Outlander – it makes me feel connected to Scotland, the scenery is lovely and it also means I don’t graze on the rolling news channels. It also saves our “How was your day?” chat to dinner time too!

Like many other folks we’d also got into the habit of watching tv in the evenings. And again, I introduced some changes, so we each have the living room one night a week to watch something alone which the other doesn’t like. I love going to the theatre and so far I’ve enjoyed on the “big” television the NT Live at Home productions of One Man Two Guvnors and Jane Eyre, and Alfie Boe with some chat and tunes on Easter Sunday as part of the Royal Albert Hall Home series too. I see that some Matthew Bourne productions are coming on to Sky Arts so these will be a treat to enjoy for future weeks too.

Everyone’s circumstances are different, and the possibility of some private time may be a luxury for many. Even if it’s a last cup of tea when everyone else has gone to bed , or 20 minutes of your favourite tv programme on your own, or heading off for a bath for half an hour with a glass of wine…..if you can find some privacy in your day away from those you live with, it’s very likely everyone will benefit!

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