The Best Jobs in the UK?

Glassdoor have released their annual ranking of the 25 best jobs in the UK market determined by number of job openings, salary, and overall job satisfaction.

Of course lists like these are never going to be 100% accurate or completely reflective of today’s world, but the report does point to some interesting (and perhaps entirely predictable) trends; traditional back office functions (HR, Tax, Audit, Payroll, Finance), IT/technology  (developers and architects) and efficiency-centric roles (Supply Chain, Operations, Project Engineers, Maintenance) make up nearly 70% of the list. In this Brexit-dominated economy it seems that the efficient day-to-day running of an organisation – and those ‘nuts and bolts’ functions which allow that to happen – are the biggest priorities and growth areas.

So far, so internal – but compared to previous years, it is external consumer facing roles which represent the fastest growing portion. The inclusion of Marketing, Brand, Product, Commercial and Communications Manager roles suggests an ever-growing importance attached to how a company is perceived and what can be done to project their image and products more favourably.

‘Data Scientist’ is the stand-out inclusion here and is in indication that the collection, analysis and dissection of consumer data, competitor knowledge and market intelligence is being used in ever more sophisticated ways.  The rise and rise of ‘Big Data’ is hardly a well-kept secret – but expect more roles directly in this space to make ever-larger impacts on these lists going forward.

Tariq Siraj



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