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BLT takes Top-Consultant accolade.

BLT has been voted the best management consultancy recruitment firm for 2014, the 6th year in a row. To add to this once again Don Leslie voted top individual management consultancy recruiter again.

Thank you all for your support.

‘Dreams Come True’ at BLT



BLT has decided to adopt a new company charity called Dreams Come True.

The charity work with sick children who are undergoing long and difficult rounds of hospital treatment, or whose prognosis is terminal. They allow the children to live a dream, ranging all the way from eating their favourite ice cream to meeting their idols for the day! BLT takes there Corporate and Social Responsibility seriously, and were keen to sponsor a charity that was smaller and less exposed to mainstream funding. The company felt strongly about supporting Dreams Come True as many of us have kids ourselves and were touched when an ambassador for the charity came to speak to us and informed us how our donations would be used.

The idea was initially proposed by one of our colleagues Sarah, who is taking part in the London Marathon on the 13th of April on behalf of the charity. Of course we will all be down at the race giving Sarah typical BLT support and encouragement throughout the day and we are also planning on doing many more events throughout the year. Keep an eye on the website to see what else we get up to! We wish Sarah the very best of luck for the run (she will need it)! Below is the link to her fundraising page, please feel free to visit and donate as every little helps! We have also included a link to the Dreams Come True page so that you can learn more about the amazing work they do.

Be a great mate….and earn yourself an i-Pad Air with BLT’s referral scheme!

Are you a really great friend? Do you always have your buddies’ best interests at heart?

For example if you knew a friend that was considering looking for a new job in their Indirect Tax / Management Consultancy career you’d be sure to tell them about that perfect role you’d seen advertised with BLT. You’d be filled with pride that you were thoughtful enough to think of your friend and to have guided them towards a specialist recruiter in their field… but best of all if your referral is eventually placed by us you will receive your very own, brand new i-Pad Air! It’s a win-win situation as your pal will have found a great new role and you will have received a great new gadget to play with.

“I don’t want / already have an i-Pad Air” I hear you shout – don’t worry we can show our appreciation by making a donation to a charity of your choice.

This offer only applies to any referrals made after 1st of February 2014. Any referrals need to be made before 31st of July 2014 when this offer ends and does not apply to the referral of any candidate already actively registered with BLT.

Indirect Tax: Big 4 Opportunities

Have you ever considered working for one of the Big 4 firms or been thinking about a return to a practice environment? Well there is no better time than now to consider a career in the Big 4 as we kick off the New Year with all of the firms particularly active in their recruitment activities.

There are a few ‘hot’ sectors that many firms are looking to add specialists to: financial services and indirect tax litigation teams are particularly in growth mode, so an interest in (or experience in) these sectors would be particularly handy. However recruitment is not restricted to these specialisms and there is a need for good candidates with the ambition and skill set required to succeed in a leading consultancy environment.

Working for a Big 4 firm offers candidates access to a high profile portfolio of clients and excellent scope for career progression and resources are needed at a variety of levels. There are a number of specific needs in some of the firms at the grades in the run up to Manager level, and all of the firms are alive to senior strategic appointments that can add niche skills to their existing offering, whether at Senior Manager or Director grade (or potentially higher!). With recruitment drives gathering pace, there is no better time to assess the options.

For more information on all of the opportunities on offer, each firm’s structure, team specialisms and their unique company cultures please get in touch.


MC Team prepare for Christmas…..

The music quiz has been finalised and the Secret Santa presents have been brought which can only mean one thing – its time for the BLT Christmas Party.

Below is a photo of the MC team all ready to party….

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hope to speak to you in 2014!


#XmasJumperDay 2013

Here at BLT, we are starting the Christmas celebrations early by doing our bit for charity at this particularly tough time of year. We are participating in Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save The Children, so have all come into the office in our reindeer/snowman/robin winter woollies and have donated money to this worthwhile cause.

We urge everyone to get involved in this fun and meaningful day by donating money at and wrapping up warm in your most festive threads. Merry Christmas!

The loved and hated consultancy case study…

How many consultants does it take to change a light bulb? Three – one to change the bulb and two to write the standards and tell him what he did wrong. This tongue-in-cheek joke is just a bit of light-hearted fun, but is not dissimilar to the kinds of questions management consultants can be faced with in the loved and hated case study interview. Candidates at Monitor Group were asked “how many horses are there in theUSA?” and “how many ping pong balls can fit into a Boeing 747?” Booz candidates have been asked whether it would be more convenient for a professional Manhattan thief to rob a flower store, a bakery or a chandelier store and BCG candidates have had to estimate how many hotel-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner are produced worldwide annually.

Of course not all case studies are so abstract, many consist of candidates being given a business case which they then have 20mins to study and make recommendations based on their findings. However, it is still the most intimidating part of the consultancy recruitment process for many and yet often the most important as it really “separates the wheat from the chaff.” In theory, any management consultant worth their salt should be able to pass a case study interview as it tests the key consultancy skills; analytical thinking, business-oriented creativity, understanding of basic business concepts, communication and presentation. But in practice nerves, time constraints and lack of appropriate preparation can get the better of even the most capable consultant. So BLT have decided to come up with some tips and advice, based on previous case study feedback from both clients and candidates, and our in-depth, specialist industry knowledge of course, to help you through even the weirdest of case studies.

The number one thing that interviewers want to see is that you are a good problem-solver; they are not nearly as interested in your final answer as they are in the process you implemented to reach it. Don’t panic if you don’t manage to reach a final decision, provided that you have structured your work and can clearly communicate your train of thought. It is also important to make sure that you plan your time effectively and keep an eye on the time. Secondly they want to see that you can suggest a viable and useful solution so make realistic recommendations and be pragmatic, anticipate any concerns or questions that your recommendations may raise. Thirdly make it a business discussion, not an interview, show that you can have an intelligent, insightful conversation rather than just ask and answer questions.

It’s always a good idea to round your numbers when doing calculations as it minimises mistakes and communicates to the interviewer that you know what you’re doing. However be careful that rounding doesn’t change the figure by more than 10% or you risk inaccuracy. When making numerical assumptions, aim to choose ‘friendly numbers’ (ie. 5% rather than 7%) to make calculations simpler. Last but by no means least, presentation and communication skills are also essential components, as the interviewer wants to see evidence that you will be able to stand up in front of clients without shaking like a leaf and stammering. Practicing in front of a mirror may feel silly but is a great opportunity to study your own body language and communication style and how they could be improved. Don’t forget, open body language, good eye contact, big smiles and speaking slowly are the markers of a great presenter.

The internet is rife with practice case studies, practice ‘guestimates’ and further tips and advice. Reviewing general business problems, current or past, and putting yourself in the CEO’s shoes is a great way to get those creative case study juices flowing. We recommend practicing at least two business cases studies and at least two guestimate case studies before going for interview. That might seem excessive but the more you practice with different case studies, the less likely it is that you’ll feel out of your depth and  be confronted with something you have no idea how to approach. The most important points to remember are to structure your response carefully, manage your time and communicate your findings with confidence and a smile.

To get you started we’ve come up with our own BLT case study, and there’s a yummy Carluccio’s hamper in it for the person with the most accurate responses! Email responses to and we will contact the winner.

  1. How many CVs has Don looked at over the course of his career?
  2. Estimate the annual cost of teabags consumed by the Management Consultancy team of 6 people.
  3. How many people have BLT placed over the last 26 years?
  4. If we were to line Chancery Lane with candidates from top to bottom, how many people would we need?



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