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Learning at work …”Nothing that matters is ever learned with ease” by Catriona Cookson

Gianpiero Petriglieri is an associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD who has spent many years coaching and teaching individuals and developing learning initiatives for clients. His articles are interesting and engaging, always worth a read. A recent one on learning at work caught my eye. Read More

What is “Mentoring of the moment?” and what are the benefits? by Catriona Cookson

This article from Professor Brad Johnson in the Harvard Business Review is well worth a read.

His key message is this: “Mentors-of-the-moment help to promote a mentoring culture where all members of the organization — especially those in the middle to upper ranks — seek opportunities in daily interactions to develop or grow junior colleagues and peers.” Read More

Supporting Emerging Talent: Mental Health in Young Workers…by Liz Watt

An article I read recently by Barbara Harvey, an MD at Accenture Research about supporting the mental health of young people entering the workplace, really resonated with me: Read More

Retaining Talent – Do you measure up? by Liz Watt

One of the key issues facing businesses today is attracting the right talent, especially in niche markets, and vast amounts of time and money are spent on creating a compelling brand to lure the brightest and the best to say ‘yes’. Read More

Executive Coaching at BLT….by Liz Watt

As BLT Executive Coaching begins its 4th year of operations, it seems like a good time to remind existing and prospective clients of BLT – whether in the Indirect Tax or the Management Consultancy space – what this service adds to BLT’s core recruitment business. Read More

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