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Global Recession Timeline

The Crash of 2008-9 was so horrid I’ve tried to blank it from my mind. But now that things are a bit better – if somewhat austere – it’s worth revisiting some of the milestones in the whole disastrous episode. (Can you remember where you were when you heard Lehman had failed? I can. I was just about to go into a management meeting. “A short term irritation,”, I recall saying. “Won’t affect us.”…..)
Here’s a clever timeline of the whole sorry saga.
When did YOU realise we were in for a hard time….?

Social Networks – the McKinsey View

The McKinsey Quarterly has an interesting article on social media, “Unlocking the Elusive Potential of Social Networks”.

‘To realise the marketing potential of virtual activities, you have to make them truly useful for consumers’ it advises. You can read more about how at

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