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6 months on……

So 6 months ago I took the plunge and went into recruitment. To some it seemed like a great move, to others they didn’t think much of recruitment consultants and “one level below an estate agent” was heard after making the announcement to friends. So what has the last 6 months given me? I thought it was time for an update.

When I joined BLT I was slightly terrified that I would fall flat on my face. Recruitment shouldn’t be difficult on the face of things but what if I wasn’t cut out for it? What if the knowledge I’d built up meant nothing and I was really starting from scratch.

Well fortunately the management consulting industry didn’t completely change its spots just because I went from media to recruitment. People I had met previously still remembered me and candidates didn’t bite when I interviewed them.

I’ve had offers made, offers turned down, candidates disappear off the face of the earth and offers accepted. It’s been a rollercoaster and no doubt will continue to be so. I’ve had thank you flowers, chocolates and cards and days when I want to hide in a dark cupboard and not answer the phone.

The past 6 months have also seen a real change in marketplace. In July 2010 we were looking at a possible double dip, no-one really thought any recovery would come despite optimistic predictions. The public spending review hadn’t happened and no-one had a clue how that would affect either the private or public sector.

Now we’ve had all the announcements and consultancies are realising that there is life after a recession. The public sector is on life support but stable and the private sector is proving pretty resilient with Financial Services consulting leading the way. Cautiously optimistic is a phrase I find myself saying a lot.

So all in all, it’s been a great 6 months and I have a sneaky feeling it’ll be a good year. I’ve learnt to multi-task beyond that of any normal female and my diplomacy and tact are coming on leaps and bounds!

If you’re looking for a new consulting role do get in touch or tweet at us @BLTrecruitment

To all Indirect Tax specialists: updating records for the New Year…

One of our New Year’s Resolutions is to have a database tidy-up!

Have you heard from us recently? If not, it’s likely that we don’t have your current home email address and postal address on file. You may be currently registered with us as looking for a new role, or you may have registered with us in the past (but we have on file that you are not actively looking). We may even have placed you in your last role.

Of course, if we have you down as not currently looking, being proud of our reputation for providing ethical recruitment solutions as the market leading Indirect Tax recruiters in the UK, that means you will not get phone calls from us telling you about new roles. However, we would hate for you to miss out on all the other benefits of being part of the BLT network. For instance, if we don’t have an up to date home email address for you, that could well mean that you don’t receive our salary surveys or irregular newsletters.

We would welcome the opportunity to update your contact details on our database, so do feel free to drop us a note to with your home email address and postal address if you feel we may not have the right details on file; that way you can ensure that you will be kept up to date with any useful information on market trends that we produce from time to time.

Whichever way, we’d love to hear what you’ve been up to, and of course, if ever you are in a position to do any recruiting yourself, then we would keen to help (and a big thank you to all those who regularly recommend us – it’s very much appreciated.)

Wishing you all a very successful 2011.

Global Recession Timeline

The Crash of 2008-9 was so horrid I’ve tried to blank it from my mind. But now that things are a bit better – if somewhat austere – it’s worth revisiting some of the milestones in the whole disastrous episode. (Can you remember where you were when you heard Lehman had failed? I can. I was just about to go into a management meeting. “A short term irritation,”, I recall saying. “Won’t affect us.”…..)
Here’s a clever timeline of the whole sorry saga.
When did YOU realise we were in for a hard time….?

Social Networks – the McKinsey View

The McKinsey Quarterly has an interesting article on social media, “Unlocking the Elusive Potential of Social Networks”.

‘To realise the marketing potential of virtual activities, you have to make them truly useful for consumers’ it advises. You can read more about how at

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