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The Situation Seems Bleak – but Crisis Navigation is all Part of the Job…. by Tariq Siraj

No business or economic crisis is a neatly isolated and contained incident, and this COVID-19 situation is exceptional by any standards. It is wide in both scope and in the levels of uncertainty. The UN trade agency suggests a cost to the global economy approaching $1 trillion, the IMF and OECD have massively downgraded growth estimates and pretty much every country’s own policy makers are looking at what level of recession to tackle, not strategies to avoid one altogether. Read More

What’s your recruitment message? by Guy Barrand

I’ll be the first to admit it – I spoke too soon.

My last post was a couple of weeks ago, in the immediate aftermath of Boris’ work from home instruction. In it, I waffle on about how it was business as usual, that clients were continuing to recruit, nothing will change. I sound quite blasé actually; confident that the BLT infrastructure was working effectively to allow us all to work from home; delighted to hear that clients and candidates were merrily pressing ahead with video-conference interviews face to face to interviews, and there was no sign that there was going to be much adverse impact. How bad could it get after all – over our 32 years of existence BLT’s business of recruiting Indirect Tax and Management Consultancy specialists has been largely impervious to economic rollercoasters and we’ve always come out smiling the other end.

Read More

A virus is a great equaliser – it should bring us together…. by Tariq Siraj

This opinion piece in City AM caught my eye – I think the central point encapsulates what I’ve been thinking and what is perhaps the most important point to make amidst the whole corona virus pandemic.  A simple idea that is getting a little lost among the noise. Read More

Change And Flexibility Have To Land On The Right-Side Of The Brain – by Davey Peyton

Management consulting, by its very nature, has had to constantly change and adapt with the times to always ensure it offers clients the best ways to stay ahead of the curve. Whether or not it has always managed this successfully is up for debate, but with every change in the working world consultancies have been there to help understand and exploit new ideas and technologies to further their clients best interests. Read More

Extremes of the Gender Gap: Automation and Role Models – by Tariq Siraj

It’s International Women’s Day on Sunday 8th March – a day to celebrate the incredible progress that has been made in so many areas. However, it’s also a good moment to take a look at what still needs to be done… Read More

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