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The Art of Being A Good Leaver…….by Catriona Cookson

As all the news channels continue to be dominated by the Harry and Meghan scenario and everyone weighs in with their views it got me thinking about the whole topic of being a good leaver.

While their intentions may well be justified, and I do think the whole scenario is actually quite sad…. I can’t help thinking they have gone about it the wrong way. In too many years in recruitment , I’ve always encouraged people to leave on good terms from their current employer …to be a good leaver …because although you may not realise it now, your paths may cross again at some time in the future with your current colleagues and/or boss.

If it’s true that Harry and Meghan either didn’t tell the Queen or chose not to do as she asked …it really is the equivalent of boasting to your colleagues about your new job and organising your leaving drinks before you’ve told your boss ….never a good move! Even if you are at the stage where you really can’t stand the place any more, just bide your time. If for example you’re trying to negotiate your notice period, then do absolutely everything your boss asks re managing your news to your team / business.

Many of you may have started the New Year intent on moving on from your current role, and in the heady rush of excitement when you’re ready to go ……just remember “Always Be A Good Leaver”

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Should job adverts tell it how it really is? by Catriona Cookson

Whatever your views on Dominic Cummings, his recent advertisement for an assistant attracted a lot of attention. While clearly an unconventional advert and leaving to one side you can’t specify you are looking for candidates to be young and recently graduated (what do you meant you don’t want someone who lived through the last Gulf War and the Falklands crisis ?!?) …..dare I say it, I actually quite liked the advert.

It makes it very clear that work will dominate everything and tough luck if you you’ve got a class on Wednesdays or theatre tickets on Thursday …you won’t be going! And while the language is harsh “I’ll bin you within weeks if you don’t fit”… least you know where you stand!

And how will DC select this person …will he have to follow standard procedures or will he be allowed to adopt his own maverick approach? Will he use some kind of psychometric profiling or situational judgement questions used by the Civil Service or maybe some of the new interactive video games which some companies are now using?

Whatever your views, there’s no denying it’s a fascinating role…interesting to see who ultimately is selected …..and chooses to accept!


Culture Shock(ing) Rules – by Davey Peyton

As the UK heads towards another election it feels like everyone is just about ready for a bit of a change. That might be a new role, a new company or just a new way of getting things done.

In a recent article the Harvard Business Review looked at Ben Horowitz’s new book and his mention of ‘shocking rules’ that divert from the norm to create a sense of ritualistic identity.

From Amazon’s buying cheap doors to make their desks to the inclusivity of Genghis Khan there’s a wide range discussed here

How does your company stack up and what ‘shocking rules’ if any do you have? Do you love them or loath them and is there anything new you’d like to see?

It’s something we are hearing more about and why we enjoy really getting to know our clients as their culture is important to them and it’s more and more important to everyone we speak to.

So if you want help finding that shock drop us a message.

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Thinking of looking for a career move in the New Year …are you sure? by Catriona Cookson

Before your attention turns to the socialising and partying that December brings, it’s worth stopping for a moment to think ahead to the New Year. With a few days off over the Christmas break many people turn their thoughts to the year ahead and decide it’s time for a move.

But is it? This might seem odd coming from a recruiter as clearly it would seem to be in our interests to have lots of new people eager for a move in early January. However, in the same way a gym membership seems like a good idea on the 2nd of January and turns out to be a big waste of time (and money), I’d ask you to mull over the following with your mince pies …..

Why are you looking for a move?

What does “I’m looking for a new challenge really mean to you?”

What would you do if your current employer offered you a different role / promotion / more money?

All of the above are so important because if you’re not fully committed to moving, the chances are you’ll stay.! That old saying is very true – “If you’ll go for money, you’ll stay for money!” So, once you have satisfied yourself that it’s time to go, think about the logistics.

Are you on an out of town project? Can you be free for interviews, at least on a Friday?

It sounds a silly question but while a lot of interviewing can take place via Skype etc … still need to be available to meet people in person !

So, enjoy your Christmas break , have a think about your career and if it’s the right time to move then please do get in touch . If not , then please contact us at any time in the future and we’ll be happy to help.

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Who’s interviewing whom? by Tariq Siraj

The traditional advice for job seekers had always been around selling oneself to the company (but not too aggressively), showcasing that you had done lots of research (but not being overly showy about it) and offering examples of your achievements (but not too boastfully). That advice and that thinking, though largely quite common sense, put the emphasis squarely on the company being king. The interviewee was subservient to the interviewer. The candidate can make a difference but will never rock the boat…etc etc

In more recent years that emphasis has shifted towards the candidate. You are interviewing them as much as the other way round and they need to work hard to tell you why you should join them and not a rival. It’s a candidate-driven market and the candidate is king. The company will develop you, but will never try to take your personality away…etc etc

Has the emphasis shifted too much? Maybe so.  It sounds obvious but the right balance is somewhere in the middle. The reality today is that strong candidates have multiple options while attractive companies have multiple candidates applying for each position.

And what of the interview process itself?

The interview process is not just the candidates’ means of representing themselves to the company, but the company’s way of representing themselves to the candidate…and more than that – to the wider world too.

91% of people say their view of a company is influenced by the interview process, and people are 6 times more likely to tell others if they have a negative experience.  This article by Richard Solomon, Global Recruitment Director for Regus, represents an interesting take on this.

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