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Do you speak consulting?

Do you speak consulting? We liked this round-up of consulting-ese published by

Blue-sky Thinking
It connotes thinking creatively, unconventionally, or from a new perspective. Just like the blue sky, ideas should be without limits. It is similar to the expression, “thinking outside the box”.
“Each brainstorming session requires blue-sky thinking from all participants.”

Boil the Ocean
Boiling the ocean suggests inefficiency when you are working on something which outcome isn’t worth the effort.
“There’s no need to boil the ocean for this research. We already have the necessary data at hand.”

Close the Loop
In meetings, closing the loop means finishing an item on the agenda or a topic of discussion with everyone in agreement. It can also be used to describe an item still to be done.
“Let’s close the loop about the pricing model.”

MECE stands for Mutually Exclusive, Collectively Exhaustive. This acronym originated from McKinsey. Wikipedia defines it as a grouping principle for separating a set of items into subsets, making sure that you include all relevant information without overlaps. Usually used when structuring research and presentations.
“Why don’t we try MECE to analyze this scenario?”

On the Beach
It describes management consultants not getting billable projects from clients. The term derived from the idea of bumming on the beach during free time.
“Many consultants have been a lot on the beach during the recent recession.”

Taken from the computer and networking world, to ping someone means to contact him or her on a matter. Generally, it is done with email, but the term can be used no matter the media.
“Can you ping me later this evening?”

Scope Creep
A management consultant is brought in to find out why a company’s new marketing strategy is affecting workplace productivity. Scope creep sets in when they find out that they are also responsible for assisting on writing policies and other tasks not initially included in the project.
“Avoid the scope creep in this project.”

Stands for Some Wild-Ass Guess – an idea formulated without supporting data or facts. Often created based on experience. Another expression used with the same meaning is “POOMA” (Pulled out of my ass).
“It would not be safe to rely on SWAG completely. We must do our research for this project, as well.”

The takeaway is the set of key points that the audience should understand by the end of a presentation or meeting. Management consultants who don’t ensure their clients get the “takeaway” may not be successful.
“So, what is the takeaway of your analysis?”

View from 30,000 Feet
Viewing something from 30,000 feet means to understand a strategy, business problem or anything in a bigger picture. Because you are viewing things from a distance, you can think more strategically.
“Before we decide on pricing strategy, let’s have a 30,000 feet view of the current market.”

The Governance Lynchpin

CSS Director Caroline Evans writes about an important issue in Corporate Governance.

25 years in the world of Indirect Tax Recruitment…

Guy Barrand has recently written an article published in Indirect Tax Voice about BLT’s 25 years in Indirect Tax recruitment – please click here to see the article.

Our Australian address

BLT’s home is in Chancery Lane, London. So when we open our Australian office we can save some printing costs by locating it in Chancery Lane, Bendigo (Victoria).

We thank JC, one of our newsletter subscribers, for sending us the picture. And if you see a Quality Court or a Chancery Lane on your travels, please let us know -and send us the snap.

The MCA Awards Dinner

The MCA Annual Awards ceremony attracted a 600-strong crowd of management consultants, their clients, and BLT to the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, London. We sponsored the award for the best change management project in the private sector (won by Boxwood)., We also cheered for PKF and Hudson & Yorke, two smaller consultancies who beat off the big boys to scoop awards for best international project and best outsourcing project. Top-Consultant writer Mick James caught the mood of the evening well.

BLT’s Kate Birtwistle presented the prizes .

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