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Why are there so few top British tennis players?

Well, that’s Wimbledon over for another year and once again I find myself wondering why we have so very few British world class tennis players?  Tennis is a relatively inexpensive sport – the kit need not be expensive and hiring a court in a local park doesn’t break the bank, and is open to everyone. So, it should be the same as football in terms of accessibility with young exciting players coming through the ranks?  Ah, but …… I hear you say ……to progress in tennis you need expensive lessons, coaching, and to attend training camps etc etc. Well, even if we accept this to be the case, there are plenty parents willing to pay for tennis lessons and coaching. So, if the appetite is there and the talent is there ………what’s going wrong? Where are our young, exciting tennis prospects for the future?

Much has been written previously about the lessons business can learn from sport in a variety of different areas. Perhaps, this is one occasion where sport can learn from business? I meet many people on Future Leader and Fast Track schemes in industry and consulting where high performing individuals are identified and offered a structured training and coaching programme to be the future leaders in a business. The Lawn Tennis Association strikes me as an organisation with many resources at its disposal and must have future talent development programmes in place ….but where’s the success? Time for tennis to follow the lead from industry if we’re hoping for more Wimbledon champions in the years ahead!

- Catriona



Hugo Boss, New Look and now Klana whats next for Permira?

Permira snaps up a 10% slice of highly valued fin-tech start up Klana.

- Andrew

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Whoop and holla?

With an 8% uptick, it looks like the US could be the destination of choice for consultants that are looking for a growth market.

- Andrew




Really? Or is this just a case of throwing ones executive toys out of the pram?

An interesting read – Would this deal mean that the Murdochs have too much control over the British media? 

- Andrew


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Hip festival or grotty bar – what sort of gig do we have?

A lot has been said about the so-called ‘Gig Economy’ recently; issues around flexible working, zero hours’ contracts, minimum wage, workers rights, benefits, inequality…the discussion points are endless – but perhaps that reflects how important an issue it is and how deeply the issue has permeated the modern business (and recruitment) world.

Chris Roebuck, a Leadership Expert at Cass Business School, sums the issue up perfectly in a recent blog and appearance on BBC News:

Fundamentally a balance needs to be found between the positive; ie the flexibility, freedom and greater finances it offers the highly skilled, experienced and qualified – and also the more negative; ie the enforcement of less benefits and lower hours which the less skilled and less qualified often would prefer to avoid.

In this economic reality we now live in, you could argue that a job of any sort is better than none at all and – particularly with regards those less qualified – huge number of jobs are being created entirely because of such an initiative.

I tend to think this is a work in progress.  It will be interesting to see how this plays out…

-          Tariq


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