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BLT sponsors VAT & Property Event 2021

BLT are delighted to support once again Orca Law‘s fantastic annual VAT & Property Event – this year held digitally on Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th November. You can find the link to the booking form and all the information about the event at - top tip, if you sign up to their mailing list you can get a 20% discount.

BLT are hiring! Super recruiter wanted

So, what’s in store for the recruitment industry in the future? Covid, Brexit, budget pressures – they’ve all had an impact – but none as much as technology and AI.  The bots are coming!

As a recruiter, what’s your response?

We seek an experienced recruitment consultant to join our Management Consultancy team. Your answer to the above question will go a long way to helping us both work out if this is a good match. Read More

The Great Debate on Working from Home….by Guy Barrand

Back to the office? Work from home? Hybrid working? Not questions that concern some sections of the employment market for practical reasons, but for some of us used to the traditional office-based environment, it’s all we can talk about. This workforce is agog as to what their employers are going to expect from them in terms of working arrangements going forward, and there’s lots of talk about the pros and cons of the various permutations. Some people are fervently pro eternally working from home, some are desperate to get back to ‘old school’ office working….if there was a referendum, it would show a country divided (well, we in the UK know exactly what that feels like, don’t we). Read More

Back to the office – but not as we know it!

This survey on remote working by Publicis Sapient was conducted at the back end of last year, but our issues, challenges and fears remain the same as they did last November and so the results remain just as valid. It centres on our preferences around working from home going forward and also what’s actually possible. Read More

Home Comforts, Eco & Online: Food in 2021

As with most everything else, Covid will have a profound impact on the food sector in 2021. However, with the focus being on areas such as eco-friendly products, nutrition, online sales and convenience, the ‘profound’ part will be more about accelerating existing strategies rather than shaping new ideas. This article in food sector bible The Grocer explores the details behind the trends for 2021…

Stay Home, Stay Safe… Read More

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