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The Anti-Candidate

Tariq wonders if the recruitment market can learn something from ‘The Donald’…

I very much dislike the idea of giving Donald Trump more column inches – but I did read a very interesting take on his success this morning which I wanted to highlight. So, a little grudgingly, here we go… Read More

Back to the Future: 30 years? No thanks – we deal in baby-steps…

Does the idea of a ‘career defining step’ need a re-think? Maybe every career choice is defining. Tariq tries to predict the future…..

So, after years of fake emails with doctored screen grabs, Wednesday actually does finally mark the date which Marty McFly time-travelled forward to in Back to the Future 2.  It’s a completely random date – 21st October 2015 – but 30 years into the future probably seemed far enough away to allow them to build a crazy futuristic world and sort of get away with it.  But how much of the detail in the movie actually rings true in today’s real world? Read More

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