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The Women in Indirect Tax Networking Group goes virtual! By Liz Watt

The Women in Indirect Tax networking group goes virtual! We had our first Zoom networking group meeting at the beginning of April and it was a great success! The topic – Self Care Tips and Tools for Troubled Times – delivered by Sarah Maguire, was the perfect antidote to all that we are currently facing, providing us all with some much needed respite. Just taking the time out to reflect and follow Sarah’s meditations and breathing exercises felt very restorative. And of course it was lovely to see the group and connect!

The group has grown a great deal since its inception 3 years ago and I am very keen that we keep maintain the sense of community and connectedness that it has fostered. New connections have been made, and old friendships rekindled, so I think that it is really important that the group can continue to offer an oasis of support, learning and networking. With this in mind,  I’m planning sessions that we can run virtually as part of our June programme,  so if you would like to find out more about the group and join in, please get in contact.

In addition the plans for a new group focussing on women at an earlier stage of their Indirect Tax career are well advanced. The initial April launch date has been postponed, but as soon as we are able to arrange the first meeting I will be in contact. If you would like to fine out more about this new and exciting development please contact me :

In the meantime, I would like to offer my support to group members in any way I can so I am offering all group members a complimentary Coaching session. If you’d like to find out more or have an initial conversation about this, please get in contact.

And finally – given the current situation we have  had to postpone our party for all group members on the   30th April. Rest assured though, it will go ahead! A new date will be arranged as soon as we are given a green light, and getting together then will be an even greater cause for celebration!

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How can we help?

At BLT we have spent a lot of time over the past couple of weeks, as we have contemplated the massive impact of coronavirus on our business, thinking : What can we do to help? We aren’t Doctors or nurses, or medical workers of any form. We aren’t food producers, delivery drivers, or any type of key worker. However, our business ethos has always been to add value to the recruitment service we provide, so this got us thinking –  maybe we can use some of our skills and experience to help the community we usually recruit for during these difficult times?

So – these are our thoughts. If you would like to avail yourself of any of these services, please get in touch:

  • A thorough career audit – an MOT for your career
  • An opportunity to have expert help in fine tuning your CV
  • In the moment Coaching on any issues that are showing up for you in these difficult times
  • Salary benchmarking exercise
  • Help on how to start a new job remotely – apply for our guide and take advantage of an on line onboarding coaching session
  • Guidance on how you can on-board new joiners remotely
  • Planning your recruitment strategy throughout this period of lockdown and beyond.

The BLT recruitment and Executive Coaching team have a wealth of experience to offer and are happy to offer this experience on a pro-bono basis to help our clients and candidates negotiate an unprecedented set of circumstances.  If you would like to find out where we might add some value, or if you have an issue you would like to discuss with us, please get in touch ( and we will help in any we can.


Welcome news for NHS suppliers….. by Emma Wade

The government has announced that ventilators, coronavirus testing kits and protective clothing arriving from outside the EU are no longer subject to Customs Duty or Import VAT.  This has a number of benefits, it will speed things up, reducing red tape to get vital equipment through to the front line.  It also removes barriers for companies wanting to donate supplies to the NHS.  The import price of these items is also reduced.

This new approach will be in force until 31st July 2020 and new guidance about the import relief is on GOV.UK

Great to see tariffs and barriers removed to keep trade flowing and ensuring the supply of essential goods and services.


Job Crafting – Could it benefit you? by Catriona Cookson

Have you heard of Job Crafting? – no me neither, not until I read this recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Jennifer Moss  the award award-winning author of “Unlocking Happiness at Work”

So, what exactly is Job Crafting? – It’s a strategy that gives employees the chance to design their roles for a more meaningful experience of work. Given that everyone is adapting to a different way of working currently, and everything is open to change, now could be the time to consider Job Crafting. Many businesses will be taking a look at how and why they do things and asking, “Do we really need to be doing this in this way or at all?”

Dr Richard Thackray from the Washington D.C office of Aviation Medicine has worked with pilots to understand how automation and boredom affects them. He’s found that a group of tasks that feel monotonous and lack meaning combined with deadline-driven roles and fast-paced work environments is a recipe for burnout. On the other hand, where there is some sense of autonomy and freedom to make decisions and also the “novelty “ factor of new challenges, then motivation and performance increases.

Perhaps none of this is particularly new but given our world (including our working world) has been turned upside down ……it gives the possibility that we might do things differently going forward. Everything is up for discussion, review and change and so now may be the time for you to look at your role, how you could do it differently to give greater satisfaction and most likely increase productivity at the same time.


Marketing – what’s the “right” thing to do at this time? by Catriona Cookson

Marketing, it’s a tricky one at the moment. I know I’ve been irritated by some personal emails that just don’t strike the right tone , although I did chuckle at one from Uniqlo entitled “Upgrade your loungewear”…well, it’s better that than “Update your Spring wardrobe” as honestly where am I going that I might need a new wardrobe of pastel coloured trousers and sandals?! And it’s the same with business marketing, clients look to consultants to solve problems and there is still business out there to be won from existing and new clients. There are some good tips from Source Global Research on marketing at the moment in terms of style, tone and most importantly what’s appropriate, do take a look here.


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