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Face Time not FaceTime: do we need to ‘Check the Tech’​?

Ever the optimist, I’ve tried to look on the bright side of strife as much as possible recently. It’s not always easy, but the question I keep coming back to is where we would be if this pandemic had happened, say, 20 years ago? Or even 10?

Purely in the context of what technology makes possible, we’re lucky this has happened when it has. Without today’s technology I dare say we’d either all still have to be commuting on packed trains and politely passing Covid along to the next colleague in the office each week, or we’d literally all be sitting at home doing nothing and with probably no company to return to anyway. Read More

A blended approach to office and home working seems the most likely outcome as 2021 continues….

Looking toward our next period of post-lockdown, hopefully one that will last, I think this article in the Harvard Business makes some good points around the value in face-to-face interactions. It seems unlikely the majority of us will return to permanent office based working with a blended approach the most likely outcome. Read More

Customs and Global Trade – is your business ready?

It’s certainly going to be a busy few months for Customs and Global Trade Specialists. Unfortunately the trade deal that has been struck certainly does not mean business as usual for companies. There is a huge amount of new information to understand and new rules for businesses to take on board.

Read More

The Women in Indirect Tax Networking Group stays virtual! by Liz Watt

The Women in Indirect Tax networking is currently virtual! We had our first Zoom networking group meeting back in April and it was a great success. The topic – Self Care Tips and Tools for Troubled Times – was the perfect antidote to all that we were about to face, providing us all with some much-needed respite.

This inspired us to keep the group running, and since then we have enjoyed sessions on a wide variety of topics, including Professional Brand, Business Development Strategies, Networking Skills, Leadership Skills in Uncertain Times and Communication Skills for the virtual world. Read More


2020 has been an extraordinary year in so many ways, impacting on every area of life, not least on work and careers. Working from home and all the challenges that has brought, uncertainty about job security, and the broader sense of how we manage and conduct our careers, have had a long-lasting impact. The changes we all had thrust upon us in a very short space of time, and the necessity to adapt quickly, has had quite a dramatic impact on many individuals sense of themselves in the workplace, and impacted on their confidence in their abilities. Read More

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