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Tariq reads about a Paralympian’s story which puts a whole new perspective on both complaints of career obstacles and what one can achieve in the work place…

It’s now been 2 weeks since the dust, sand and green water settled on the Olympics in Rio. I love the Olympics – more than the World Cup, World Twenty20 and Ryder Cup combined. The politics and history are of course fascinating; Berlin 36, Mexico 68, Munich 72, the endless drugs scandals, the boycotts of 1980 and 1984. But it’s all about the sporting achievement above all else; I remember reading about Emil Zatopek in Helsinki 52 and have stared in awe at the TV to watch Carl Lewis, Maria Mutola, Haile Gebrselassie, Michael Johnson, Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Mo Farah and countless others. Incredible feats on the highest stage, breaking records, overcoming all obstacles. Read More

Brexit: The Impact on the UK Indirect Tax Job Market

Well, its finally been decided – the UK will be leaving the EU. As the country comes to terms with its decision, it will be fascinating to see how ‘the big change’ has an impact on job creation and indeed job security. The Recruitment & Employment Confederation has this morning called for ‘calm and clarity’ in the face of a ‘challenging period for British business which may have a significant impact on the UK jobs market’. And the prophets of doom are already predicting a tougher job market out there for some time. Read More

VAT: Contemplating moving in-house? When’s the optimum time to make that move?

No doubt about it, a VAT consultancy career in a Big 4 firm can be immensely rewarding experience. Excellent clients to work with, often with highly complex problems to find solutions for. You’ll have a structured career path, and enjoy a real sense of camaraderie as you progress upwards through the ranks. The professional experience you get, and the financial rewards that come with that can be superb. However, for some VAT specialists in a Big 4 VAT consultancy environment, there can be the niggling thought in the back of one’s mind about whether one should choose to take your VAT expertise into an in-house setting. Maybe it’s the increase in emphasis on business development the further down your Consultancy career you get, maybe it’s the thought of making a real difference to a company’s tax position, maybe it’s the idea of focusing more exclusively in a particular sector. Or maybe you’re just sick of timesheets? Read More

The problem is not leaving the EU – it’s the idea of leaving the EU…

Apologies in advance; this is a ‘Brexit blog’ – but I’m not going to express hugely well-informed or revolutionary ideas here. I’m not going to lay out what it will mean for the banking, consulting, technology or recruitment industries. Frankly, I can’t!  I don’t yet know enough to be able to do that – and I know I’m definitely not alone in that. Read More

Who knew – I’m in the 14th best job in the UK….

Intriguing results published in City AM this morning. Being a Recruitment Consultant is ranked 14th best job in the UK.

Yes, after over 18 years in recruitment (all with the same company), I can safely say I love my job – you get to work with some brilliant brands and companies, you’re continually dealing with people and no one day is the same. Nothing beats that buzz of placing a ‘difficult to help candidate’ in that ‘difficult to fill job’. Read More

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