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More regulation for cross-sector business?…or should we just shout louder? by Tariq Siraj

As the co-Founder of LinkedIn and Greylock Partners VC, Reid Hoffman has about as valid a platform as anyone to comment on the recent sexual harassment allegations within the Silicon Valley and wider venture capitalist markets. His article raises a lot of talking points: Read More

2017 marks BLT’s 30th year in business!

We’ll be no doubt getting out the party hats and partaking of the occasional glass or three of champagne throughout the coming year, but it’s worth pausing for a little nostalgic reflection on the past three decades – such longevity isn’t exactly the norm in the world of recruitment! Read More

Small (baby) steps and a giant leap (of faith)

By Tariq Siraj

I will very imminently be going on paternity leave as daughter #2 is due to arrive in the coming days. I won’t lie to you, this blog was a bit of an afterthought; by ‘imminently’ I actually meant “I’m leaving the office in about 60 minutes to go on paternity leave”.

I was very keen to write something about it – but unsurprisingly my mind has for the most part been elsewhere; making sure hospital bags are packed, making sure we have child-minding cover for our 2 year old, making sure our 2 year old kind of knows what to expect, deciding on a name, working out ways we can avoid the dreaded ‘double buggy’, being amazed at the amounts of new born clothing we have, washing said mountain, getting back into that mind-set of ‘does this need sterilising? – let’s sterilise it anyway!’ and, of course, making sure my wife is happy with the levels of Häagen-Dazs in the freezer.  That, along with being at work, doesn’t leave much time to write a blog. Read More


A great headline – though sadly not mine.  I stole it.  To be fair to me, I’m just making a point; it was far easier to lift it from another article than to use my imagination – but am I wasting what sets me apart?

I recently read about a very interesting idea related to the ever-growing predominance of artificial intelligence and machine-centric automation in our workplaces; The House of Beautiful Business.  It is an initiative based on the premise that as machines take over more a more of our jobs then we, as humans, need to re-evaluate our purpose in the business world. Read More

The Blind CV Test…

EY announced a while ago that they are transforming how they judge applicants – fundamentally eliminating the requirement of a degree and judging candidates by other standards. After the policy was introduced last year, the initial results of that experiment are in. Read More

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