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Is it worth paying over the odds for a special talent or a special brand? by Tariq Siraj

Even for non-football fans I’m sure the transfer of Brazilian football star Neymar from Barcelona to PSG in Paris caught your attention. It’s intriguing for lots of reasons, not least because the transfer fee of €222 million (£200 million, $265 million) is more than double the previous world record and at first glance completely ridiculous.

But it got me thinking; is it sometimes worth paying seemingly over the odds for a special talent?

Neymar clearly qualifies as such – he is by most expert’s view one of the best players in the world. PSG’s Qatari owners clearly agree and clearly think the investment is a sound one.


In respect to other transfer deals it seems crazy but in itself it may not be a bad piece of business.

Neymar’s commercial potential is huge; a good looking, likeable, media savvy young player with a ready-made set of fans across the world. It’s not just the transfer numbers which are staggering; he has over 32 million followers on Twitter and 81 million on Instagram.

He will sell an unbelievable amount of shirts, he will attract incredible levels of sponsorship to the club and create a buzz which should open up a legion of new fans for PSG in far flung places of the world and also attract even more footballing talent for the team going forward.

It seems these factors are just as important today as the football itself.

On that front, let’s not forget he is already a special talent who will thrive even further in a team where he is the star attraction with the prized number 10 shirt (something he would never be able to do at Barcelona while Lionel Messi can still walk).

All these factors combined suggest it may prove to be an interesting piece of business for PSG.

It also got me thinking of parallel situations in management consulting (I know, I know).

We see example after example of organisations paying ‘over the odds’ for individuals because they know exactly what PSG’s owners know about Neymar; that there is far more to some people than can be easily quantified in hard currency. The extra value a star Director or Partner may bring to a consulting outfit can be astronomical; new business, repeat business, improved culture, better managed practices, improved morale, unquantifiable contributions to the brand through speaking engagements, relationships built, written work, size of network…and the list goes on. Much like in football these days, there is so much more to consider than simply ‘how well will this person do their job?’

Sports teams have long brought in players from certain parts of the world precisely to open up commercial markets and fan bases in new geographies, with seemingly no consideration of sporting talent at all. Consulting firms have equally followed similar practices for many years; the right ‘face’ or the right language can connect a practice to a new part of the world.

Neymar’s case is clearly a special one as the numbers go beyond anything previously seen and this is a marriage of both talent and brand. The key question is whether this will set a precedent for ever-more big and bold moves.


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What can we learn from Romelu Lukaku’s decision to join Manchester United instead of Chelsea?

The new Premier League  season starts tonight with much to look forward to in the months ahead – if you haven’t joined the BLT Fantasy Football League there’s still time (League name: BLT Fantasy Football League
League code: 1520352-384577). After a flurry of transfer activity over the summer, one move in particular caught my attention – the transfer of Romelu Lukaku from Everton to Manchester United. It was widely expected that he would return to Chelsea, but Manchester United hijacked the move and snapped him up. Maybe the prospect of returning to the club who had sold him to Everton just didn’t appeal to Lukaku, or maybe he enjoyed living in the North West and wanted to stay there …… or maybe there was another reason.

Of course, we can’t believe all we read in the papers, but if press reports are correct, he chose Manchester United because they wanted him more. Apparently, he had one phone call from Antonio Conte while Jose kept in regular contact over the summer, presenting three different contract offers. The message was clear from Manchester United – we really want you to join!

Whether you’re a Premier League footballer, a junior analyst in the early stages of your career in management consultancy or a Director with a wealth of experience, choosing between two (or sometimes more) job offers can be daunting. There may be many items on your Wish List ranging from the obvious – the brand, the role, location, the type of work on offer, salary, future prospects – to the more subtle. When it comes to making the big decision people often base this on some of the softer factors – the people they have met, a feeling of belonging  and as in Lukaku’s case ……..a feeling of being wanted. And often, it’s absolutely that feeling of being wanted which sways a final decision of which option to choose.

So if like Lukaku you’re starting a new job this autumn, good luck in your new role! If the summer holidays have got you thinking about making a move or if you’re looking to strengthen your team with a new hire, we’d be happy to help here at BLT.

- Catriona Cookson


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A stronger economy over poorer air quality? by Andrew Goodfellow

A good number of countries are slowly but surely showing signs of recovery following the global economic downturn. However, strong scientific evidence and increasingly crazy weather events are sending strong signals that we all must pursue routes to economic stability whilst reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. It is essential that big business improves their performance and that the people who sit in government provide more incentives for this to happen.

I’d like to think that the UK is pretty ‘climate responsible’ and that our stance is one of the more robust on the international stage, but what about the US and its administration’s seemingly maverick approach? Maybe they have other things on their mind? And how will the 25 global players on this list below react? Will anything be done or will it be a case of just doing the bare minimum to comply?

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BLT’s Fantasy Football League is back!

BLT’s annual fantasy football league is back! As always, everyone is invited to create a team and show off your managerial skills. Can you beat your peers across the market and also all the BLTers over here?

The Premier League season starts again on Friday 11th (I know – can you believe it?) and that’s the deadline to get your team entered in time for the opening round of games. After a see-saw battle last year which ran right up until the final games, we saw the value of getting your team in on time.

You can join here:
League name: BLT Fantasy Football League
League code: 1520352-384577

We’re looking forward to locking horns with you all once again.


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This is ‘Yuan’ way to reach the overseas market – Baidu and PayPal in partnership – by Andrew Goodfellow

In an effort to catch fellow tech giants Alibaba and Tencent this deal between Baidu and PayPal will allow the firm to grow their payment coverage overseas and will no doubt see China’s Singles Day revenues rocket even further. I’m sure the average Chinese shopper would welcome the move away from being tied to mobile wallet payments in a country that isn’t that taken with our old ‘flexible friend’ the Credit card.

- Andrew






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