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BLT Breakfast Seminar – Wednesday 18th March 2015

As the economic recovery continues, businesses are investing for growth. But how do organisations promote innovation and improve performance?

Professor Vlatka Hupic will be offering insights into how companies can identify the bottlenecks preventing growth and innovation, uncover their hidden strengths, and implement new management practices for sustainable success.

Vlatka is the founder and CEO of The Drucker Society London, and teaches at University of Westminster and London Business School. She advises organisations such as BP, GSK, The House of Commons and the NHS, and her latest book “The Management Shift” has been selected by Forbes as one of the top 8 business books in 2014. She’ll be drawing on her extensive experience in this field to offer tips on how you can help your organisation change and thrive.

The event is held at our offices. It begins at 8:00am, with coffee and croissants. Vlatka will speak from 8:30am for 30-40 minutes, followed by an opportunity for questions. There will also be time to meet the other guests and network with them. The event will conclude at 9:30am. We hope that you’ll be able to join us. We’re sure you’ll find Vlatka’s insights extremely valuable. To reserve your place contact Becky on as spaces will be reserved on a first come basis.

Top Tier Strategy House

Open Evening in London – Thursday 26th February, 7pm

One of the ‘holy trinity’ of top, top-tier strategy houses is hosting a get-to-know –us evening in central London. BLT is helping to promote the event.

If you’d like an invitation, please contact Tariq Siraj, Senior Consultant, at BLT via

The evening is designed to help you learn more about strategy consulting and life as a consultant with a top-tier house. You’ll meet  Consultants, Managers and Partners from the Firm, and network with other high achievers who are evaluating a career there.

To be considered for a place, you’ll need to offer around 5-7 years fast-track work experience in a world-class organisation. Please note this is not an event for those still studying.

The guest list will close at 5pm on Tuesday 10th February. Send your CV without delay to Tariq Siraj at BLT via

10 Reasons you want to change your job in 2015

As 2015 fast approaches, people everywhere will be making their New Year’s resolutions. As everyone embraces positive changes in their lives many people will also begin looking for a new job. Whether you need a fresh challenge, an opportunity for career progression or simply cannot stand your colleagues, here are 10 reasons why you may want to change your job in 2015.

A change of view – All of the other desks in the office are taken, there are no plans on the horizon for an office reshuffle and you can recite the instructions for the fire extinguisher off by heart – it is definitely time for a change of scenery.

A new challenge – If you are suffering from a serious case of Déjà vu and you leave the office feeling like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day maybe it is time to think about a move. Variety is the spice of life and a new job could inject some much needed motivation into a working week that has become far too routine.

Welcome drinks – With the New Year’s celebrations fresh in your mind you still feel in the party mood. There is nothing to look forward to until the summer and your social calendar is looking as bleak as the weather outside. Pencil in the introductory welcome drinks and get back into the swing of things!

Culture shift – You arrive at your desk at 9 am and with minimal fuss get on with your work. Everything is as it should be and exactly as it has been since you started working here years ago. After a change in management, the Company is being taken in a new direction and faced with a barrage of team bonding exercises, motivational jargon and brand new multi-coloured eco-chairs you suddenly feel like a very square peg in a horribly round hole.

Nasty neighbours – A good working relationship with your neighbour on the next desk is essential. So if their foul-smelling lunches / annoying laugh / general hygiene has pushed your relationship to breaking point, it may be time to up the sticks and move – to a whole new company.

Social media hoarder – Still stuck on an uneven number of followers on Twitter? Is being one friend short of 200 on Facebook really starting to give you the blues? Nothing will bump up those numbers like adding a whole raft of new colleagues or following former ones, just to see what they really think…

Lifestyle changes – For a long time you have been more than able to sustain your lifestyle on your current salary. But times are tougher now since you have that wedding to fund / new child to support / or if you are to raise enough money for that 60 inch 3D television you saw in the paper. Whatever reason it may be, a job with a bumper new salary is definitely on the agenda.

A sinking ship – Your Company is in a downward spiral. As the old maritime adage goes “a Captain goes down with his ship.” However you have always fancied yourself as more of a midshipman and this isn’t Victorian England. Swim – swim for your life. A new role could be the lifeboat you have been waiting for.

Relocation – Christmas hasn’t gone quite as you had planned and your gift choice has led to an almighty row with your partner. Things aren’t resolved and you start the New Year single. You want to avoid bumping into your former beau around Town so immediately apply for that intriguing job in the Midlands, failing that you’ve also spotted one that puts enough distance between you – in Malaysia. ‘What an overreaction’ you think, ‘a set of bathroom scales is a very practical gift… ‘

Join the team you support – You love this one particular brand. Your house resembles their shop on the high street; you have purchased their branded fragrance, wear their clothing line and have their logo tattooed in the most intimate of places. Now is the time to chase your dreams and work for the company you love! Plus that discount card would come in pretty handy…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from everyone at BLT!

Christmas Jumper Day 2014!

Here at BLT, we are starting the Christmas celebrations early by doing our bit for charity at this particularly tough time of year. We are participating in Christmas Jumper Day to raise money for Save The Children, so have all come into the office in our reindeer/snowman/polar bear winter woollies and have donated money to this worthwhile cause.

We urge everyone to get involved in this fun and meaningful day by donating money at and wrapping up warm in your most festive threads. Merry Christmas!


Xmas Jumper Day 2014


Diary of a Trainee Management Consultancy Recruiter – Karen Rosendor, part 2

Aaaaand it’s been a month at BLT! I’ve been taking on a lot more responsibility for roles, speaking to lots of candidates, and attending client meetings in some very swanky offices. I’m also starting to get a whiff of the most exciting part of recruitment, as clients have begun to show an interest in candidates I’ve found… OK so I’m not making glittering placements just yet, but it’s a start! Read More

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