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Looking for a short video to help explain how the estimated 34,000 or so small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are affected by the VAT place of supply rule changes? Look no further…

Diary of a Trainee Management Consultancy Recruiter – George Davies, part 1

It has been two weeks since I took my first baby steps into the world of management consultancy recruiting and I’m pleased to report that I’m surviving! Having successfully negotiated a move from the mean streets of rural Northamptonshire to the glitz and glamour of Acton, I’m now attempting to adjust to taking the Central Line at rush hour, which has certainly been an experience. Nothing quite prepares you for the way the well-dressed men and women of London will put their bodies on the line to make it to the train home.

So, having mastered the tube, let’s move on to recruitment. There has been so much to learn in the last fortnight that everything has become a bit of a blur. From figuring out the difference between the Big 3, the Big 4 and the Big 5 to finding my place in the tea round, it’s been an absolute whirlwind. Fortunately, the wealth of experience in the Management Consultancy team at BLT has made the transition into this industry really smooth, and I’m incredibly lucky to be learning from people who are experts in their respective fields.

Over the next few months I’ll be regularly updating this blog and hopefully offering some insight into the experience of becoming a member of the Management Consultancy team at BLT.

Diary of a Trainee Management Consultancy Recruiter – Karen Rosendor, part 1

Nearly two weeks in at BLT! I suppose it’s a tribute to how lovely everyone’s been that I forget just how new I am; this blog seems like a good opportunity for a bit of reflection on my experiences so far.

The BLT approach to learning is definitely a natural, on-the-job one; George and I have been placed on live projects from the word go, and are encouraged to ask any questions we like. In this way I’ve learned a colossal amount about management consultancy; it’s amazing how much you can pick up in two weeks, brain brimming with names and terms and companies and market trends. I’m certainly no expert yet, but at least I’ve stopped looking up Judo champions on LinkedIn whenever someone mentions the client specified a “black belt”.

I’ve also learned a lot from observing my colleagues. Before I joined BLT, I didn’t know how I would approach clients and candidates, assuming there was a fixed method I would need to learn. One of the most interesting things, then, has been to observe the variety in my colleagues’ approaches, ranging from the cheerily familiar to the reassuringly professional. And every approach is effective. It seems to pay to be yourself – I think I’ll end on that happy note!

Karen Rosendor, Executive Consultant –



InDemand Employers 2014

LinkedIn have compiled the most sought-after employers in the United Kingdom based on the billions of interactions from LinkedIn’s 17 million UK users. BLT are very proud to say that we have helped over half of those company’s listed to recruit in the fields of Indirect Tax and Management Consultancy. To see the full list please click here.

Oh Mo Bro! November’s here!

It’s that time of year again when men across the land grow fur across their upper lip with absolute impunity. Girlfriend disapproves? That’s fine! Weird look as you walk down the street? That’s fine! Starting to feel like  this is a permanent life choice you’d like to make? Hey, it’s all good.

That’s because the whole purpose of the Movember ‘tash’ is to use people talking about the changes you’re making to your face as a vehicle for getting conversations started about men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health, whilst raising funds and awareness about the fight against it.

Here at BLT, I’ve decided to take up this challenge in earnest, and am currently eleven days into the growth of a new Lip Rug to help keep my face warm this November! How’s it going so far? Well I’ll you be the judge of that with the picture below. You can donate here, and follow my progress over this month on the BLT blog !


11 days in and coming along nicely...

11 days in and coming along nicely…


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