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BREAKFAST SEMINAR- ‘Brand You’ by Cliff Findlay

The July 2104 breakfast briefing was a breezy and entertaining presentation by Cliff Findlay, MD of Latitude Solutions and expert marketeer. Cliff’s proposition is that there are more business opportunities than ever before, but there’s more competition than ever before: so how do we make our business stand out?

Over the course of 45 minutes Cliff challenged our thinking on the way we promote our businesses and offered anecdotes and examples about how to build a more effective brand.

Cliff’s book “Why You” (2013) is published by Latitude Press ISBN 978-0-9927682-0-1 at £12-99. It’s a short, simple and to-the-point marketing resource which comes highly recommended.

From BLT to VAT – A Day spent at Volkswagen UK…..

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Understanding the specialist sectors we recruit into is at the very heart of BLT.

So when I was offered the opportunity to swap my Chancery Lane commute for a day job-shadowing a VAT Advisor at Volkswagen UK, I jumped at the chance.

As a long standing Client of BLT, Volkswagen employs nearly 3,500 people nationwide and 850 at its UK headquarters in Milton Keynes.

For one day only this head count would be increased by 1.

After successfully making my way to the head office and taking in the impressive array of classic cars in reception en route, I joined Volkswagen’s Indirect Tax Team shadowing VAT Advisor, Sam Baker.

As luck would have it, the Group VAT return had been completed the day before, giving me the opportunity to see first-hand what one looks like. Lots of paperwork it turns out. I was also able to see how SAP software actually works. This is a skill most of my candidates will be familiar with, so it was great to have a real life demonstration of the programme in action.

During my day, I also spent time with Fiona Heron, Head of Indirect Tax at Volkswagen UK. She gave an overview of the different roles within the team and their fit within the business as a whole.

As an Indirect Tax Recruiter, days like this are invaluable.

To experience first-hand a Client’s culture and really get to understand what type of candidate would fit into the team and the type of skill-set required is second to none.

Many candidates are also keen to understand the difference between working in Practice and the often not so traditional route of going straight into Industry. By spending a day within an in-house Indirect Tax Team, I can share my own insight and help match the right candidates with the right roles. Which is after all what it’s all about.

I arrived back at the BLT offices some 48 hours later. Ready to get back into the world of Indirect Tax recruitment.

But maybe missing those classic cars in reception….

To discuss your own career in Indirect Tax get in touch with Tom on or 020 7405 3404

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