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Stylistic Approaches to Recruitment

It is easy to paint the recruitment industry with broad brush strokes. Talking through the market; discussing the best options; prepping for the interview(s) and ensuring the right decisions are made. However, this simplifies the intricacies of recruiting for different sectors. Read More

What Personality Trait shines brightest?

Someone reminded me the other day (thanks? I think?) that I’m now approaching a quarter of a century in recruitment. Time has zipped by since I arrived in the big smoke from a tiny village in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales to start a new life in the City at BLT, armed with nothing but a briefcase and a degree in Latin and Ancient Greek. Neither of which proved much use whatsoever – the briefcase was a gift from mum and dad appropriate for a son starting a career in the City of London, and never made it to day 2 when I realised I wasn’t a stockbroker and how desperately uncool it was. And as for the Classics degree – well my knowledge of Greek mythology is sometimes quite useful for pub quizzes?  Read More

Navigating your CV… John Barker

Making sure you start off on the best possible footing:

One thing every recruiter appreciates is a good CV. In my brief time at BLT, I have come to learn that presentation is everything.

It is a difficult balancing act – you must convey all your relevant expertise but do it in an engaging manner. Of course, part of our job is to fill blank spaces and alleviate potential concerns, but CVs that have stood out to me allow a candidate’s personality to shine through. It seems to be something that’s often overlooked. We want to know what interests people outside of working hours. It helps us sell the individual, outside of their corporate background.

For what it’s worth, some words of advice: keep it simple. No matter how much experience you have, you can always be more concise. Structure clearly and trim the fat. Yes, bring your personality out – but the last thing you want is your ChMC Award to be missed under your cultural enrichment trip to Paris!

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My first month in recruitment….by John Barker

It was an interesting experience applying for a recruitment firm through another recruitment firm. It gave me a unique opportunity to encounter the process from the outside. The initial get-to-know; the overview of the job market; the interview process, and thankfully, the offer! Read More

Recognising burnout….

We’ve spoken about burnout before, and I think it’s a really important topic in our market and something that can creep up too easily as we try to balance more and more work with social lives restarting in earnest. We all need to take time and look for support where we see the signs of burnout occurring. It may be that you recognise it in yourself, but it may also be something you see in others. Companies that are proactive in their support can benefit from lower levels of burnout as people won’t hit that wall or will be better equipped when they do. Awareness is key and this checklist is absolutely worth taking on board.


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