Working with BLT – A Partnership

Moving jobs can be quite a stressful business! At BLT, the aim is to make this process as hassle-free as possible

There are many recruitment businesses out there (although you’ll be hard pushed to find one as thoroughly ensconced in the specialist fields of VAT, Customs & Global Trade and Management Consultancy as we are!) but we believe we are a bit different. Not just in terms of our ethos, but also the way we work.

If this is your first time using us, you may not appreciate the differences. If you have previously used other recruiters, you may also have encountered a different method of working.  Even if we have placed you in the past,  you might welcome a refresher!

So here goes – here’s what we do, and how you can get the most of your partnership with BLT.

BLT are mindful of their client relationships

What does that mean to you?

  • If you work for one of our clients,  we will not actively contact you about moving roles unless you have  been in touch with us asking to hear of appropriate positions (this is known as ‘registering’ with us).
  • After we place you in a position, we will not contact you about new opportunities unless you get back in touch to ask us to. We’re proud of our reputation for ethical recruitment solutions so won’t try to tempt you out of a role that you are perfectly happy with!
  • We will occasionally email you (on your personal email address) to pass on industry related information – for example,  inviting you to participate in gathering the data for our salary surveys, to let you know about events we are holding, or send you our most recent newsletters. Please let us know if you don’t wish to receive this market intelligence
  • If you aren’t actively looking for a new role, but want us to keep a ‘watching brief’ for a specific type of opportunity, let us know. We are happy to act as your eyes and ears on the market.
Are you registered with BLT?

Here’s how to get the best out of BLT in your search for a new role:

  • Come and meet us. Geography doesn’t always allow this, but if you are able,  it is the best way for us to really get a handle on you and your particular requirements. If you can’t come to our offices, we will conduct an interview over the phone, via Teams or Zoom and if we are in your locality we are happy to come to you.
  • Let us know if your previously discussed parameters change. We aim to  let you know about opportunities that fit your brief to us. In the interests of thinking laterally, we may occasionally let you know of roles that you may not have considered in the normal scheme of things, but we will only let you know of positions that we feel would be an appropriate fit. However, if you develop a burning desire to relocate to Antarctica, do let us know – we may not realise! As an example, you may have told us you only want to hear of in-house Indirect Tax positions – if ever you want to talk through Indirect Tax options in consultancy/accountancy firms, let us know. Similarly you may be a Management Consultant and have told us you only want to hear of opportunities in large strategy houses; just let us know if ever you wanted to talk through options in boutique firms or internal consultancy.
  • Let us know when your salary changes. It’s best to provide us with as detailed a breakdown  of your salary, bonus and benefits package as possible – whatever happens, don’t massage the figures, as some companies do check this out at offer stage!
  • Let us know if you change postal address/email address/telephone number – we can’t contact you unless we have it.
  • Let us know if ever you become available for contract or interim assignments.
  • Do let us know of any key achievements you would like added into your CV – qualifications, awards, new responsibilities or promotions. It’s a good idea to tailor your CV for any specific roles you want to apply for.
BLT Pledge:
  • Your CV will not be sent out anywhere or your name put forward for roles without your express permission.
  • We will not attempt to push you into jobs that you don’t want to apply to. It’s your career after all – our job is to provide you with the options and then for you to make the decisions that are best for you.
  • You will be treated with respect and courtesy at all times.
Not registered with BLT ?
  • You’ll probably get headhunt calls from other recruiters out there! If ever you get tempted to succumb to pressure, just let us know – in all likelihood we’ll be working on the roles as well.
  • Do make sure we have your up to date contact details, particularly personal email address – if we don’t have this, you’ll miss out on all the wider benefits of being part of the BLT family, such as receiving salary surveys and other market intelligence.

To register at BLT contact us on


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