Stylistic Approaches to Recruitment

It is easy to paint the recruitment industry with broad brush strokes. Talking through the market; discussing the best options; prepping for the interview(s) and ensuring the right decisions are made. However, this simplifies the intricacies of recruiting for different sectors.

Professional industries come with their own nuances; therefore, recruiters must adapt. Here at BLT, I have been learning the approaches of both our Indirect Tax and Management Consulting divisions…

In my two months here (how time flies!) I have come to appreciate how drastically the available pool of talent can affect the process. For example, on our Indirect Tax side, there is a limited number of individuals suited for most positions – in a comparatively finite market, building long-term relationships over an individual’s career lifespan is essential. On the flipside, our Management Consulting division works with a much bigger pool of possible talent from a wide variety of different career backgrounds. Whilst the team’s reputation relies on building up relationships over many years, recruiting in this space requires more fresh connections.

The needs of our clients can greatly influence our methods and approaches too. For instance, some will only consider recruiting for specific job openings. Others may be willing to source talent more opportunistically. Naturally, we adapt our searches based on this: seeking out individuals based on either the specific role they can fill or the potential role that our clients could create for them.

These are just a few illustrations of how a simple difference can fundamentally change a recruiter’s approach. Turns out the world of recruitment is just as varied as the workforce we source from.


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