Navigating your CV… John Barker

Making sure you start off on the best possible footing:

One thing every recruiter appreciates is a good CV. In my brief time at BLT, I have come to learn that presentation is everything.

It is a difficult balancing act – you must convey all your relevant expertise but do it in an engaging manner. Of course, part of our job is to fill blank spaces and alleviate potential concerns, but CVs that have stood out to me allow a candidate’s personality to shine through. It seems to be something that’s often overlooked. We want to know what interests people outside of working hours. It helps us sell the individual, outside of their corporate background.

For what it’s worth, some words of advice: keep it simple. No matter how much experience you have, you can always be more concise. Structure clearly and trim the fat. Yes, bring your personality out – but the last thing you want is your ChMC Award to be missed under your cultural enrichment trip to Paris!

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