Good Communication equals (=) more than (>) ‘Good Communication’

I used to think ‘good communication skills’ was the most meaningless and laziest requirement to list on a job spec, or indeed to list as a trait on a CV. What, so you can actually speak with other humans? Well wow, aren’t you special?

Apparently we’re all supposed to get even more cynical in our old age, but I’m going to try and buck the trend; after many years as a recruiter dealing with candidates and clients from all over the world, I now have an unwavering appreciation of the ability to build successful relationships, manage tricky stakeholders, make great first impressions, navigate internal politics, and the skill of public speaking.

‘Good communication skills’ still doesn’t cut it for me. It’s too simplistic a phrase and too easily thrown around. It’s become a bit of a meaningless box ticker. Ironically, the ‘communication’ problem lies with side requesting it.

Anyway, maybe that’s the cynical part of me poking it’s head out and wanting to have its own say. This most undervalued and underestimated collection of skills – and how to improve in them – is explored very nicely here by comms guru Flo Akinbiyi

-        Tariq Siraj

Good Communication

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