BLT are hiring! Super recruiter wanted

So, what’s in store for the recruitment industry in the future? Covid, Brexit, budget pressures – they’ve all had an impact – but none as much as technology and AI.  The bots are coming!

As a recruiter, what’s your response?

We seek an experienced recruitment consultant to join our Management Consultancy team. Your answer to the above question will go a long way to helping us both work out if this is a good match.

At BLT, our response is to embrace technology but also ask ourselves what standards can we set which a piece of tech can’t?

Based in London, BLT have been a market leader in our fields for over 35 years. We’ve won multiple awards along the way and our relationships and track record are the envy of much of the market….but that all counts for nothing if we don’t keep evolving, keep improving and keep asking ourselves those questions above.

Here at BLT we’re a collective of talented recruiters operating in a grown-up environment, where developing your individual style will create your own personal success – all within a team that works for the greater good of each other and the business.

What do we need from you? Well of course we require:

  • a demonstrable track record of strong fee generation in a recruitment environment
  • ideally good experience of recruiting in the management consulting and/or professional services spaces
  • some experience of client account management
  • proven success in new business development
  • some experience of hiring internationally is preferred (though not essential)

…but we also require someone who can happily work independently and also contribute to the team. Someone not afraid to make mistakes. Someone with the ability to ask the right questions and help generate the right solutions.

There’s more to being a recruiter than word-matching and being a CV factory. We’ve never believed in that, but in today’s world we simply can’t believe in that.

Are we asking too much? We don’t think so. What’s your response?

Let us know what you think when you email your CV/profile to Tariq Siraj, Associate Director at

We are hiring

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