Back to the office – but not as we know it!

This survey on remote working by Publicis Sapient was conducted at the back end of last year, but our issues, challenges and fears remain the same as they did last November and so the results remain just as valid. It centres on our preferences around working from home going forward and also what’s actually possible.

Some interesting results; fundamentally while most of us are in theory able to do our jobs entirely from home, not all of that number want to.  Also, only just over half actually even fall into that category (54%) so a whole other dynamic is thrown into the mix.  Unsurprisingly the majority of people seem to desire a hybrid WFH/commute to the office situation with working every day in the office lagging far behind at the bottom of the list of options. That’s fueled partly by the general realisation that we can deliver from our home offices more than we thought, but also by our fears connected to commuting on packed trains and sitting in busy offices.  Indeed 80% of our biggest concerns about office life are made up of exposure to the virus and commuting itself.

- Tariq Siraj


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