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We all know how important trust is in all areas of our life across our personal, professional and business relationships and why we feel we must be able to trust the leader of a business or organization.

And it’s certainly come sharply into focus in the recent weeks in the midst of coronavirus and all that it brings. From the big questions of “Do we trust the government are following the “right” strategy”, and “Do we trust the advice of the scientific experts?”, … the seemingly smaller ones (although crucially important) of “Can I trust the other shoppers in the supermarket to observe 2m social distancing (and not come and stand at my shoulder when I’m looking at the yoghurts!?!).

Similarly, we look to our business leaders to see true leadership and trust to reassure us. In this article in the HBR, Professor Frances Frei and Anne Morriss explore trust and the role it has in business leadership. Beginning with a case study of work they did for Uber at a very challenging time in Uber’s development, it moves more broadly on to explore trust and the three points of the trust triangle.

Some interesting points here:

“Building trust, however, often requires thinking about leadership from a new perspective. The traditional leadership narrative is all about you: your vision and strategy; your ability to make the tough calls and rally the troops; your talents, your charisma, your heroic moments of courage and instinct. But leadership really isn’t about you. It’s about empowering other people as a result of your presence, and about making sure that the impact of your leadership continues into your absence.”

“Trust has three drivers: authenticity, logic, and empathy. When trust is lost, it can almost always be traced back to a breakdown in one of them. To build trust as a leader, you first need to figure out which driver you “wobble” on.”

This is a really worthwhile read and even if you’re not a captain of industry, it’s worth asking yourself the questions and working through some of the answers. Life has changed for all of us and will continue to evolve over the coming months – there will be no quick fix to “getting back to normal”. Who we trust, which brands we trust, which businesses we trust, will be crucial in the coming months……. businesses which not only survive but flourish will have a high trust rating among their community.

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