Job Crafting – Could it benefit you? by Catriona Cookson

Have you heard of Job Crafting? – no me neither, not until I read this recent article in the Harvard Business Review by Jennifer Moss  the award award-winning author of “Unlocking Happiness at Work”

So, what exactly is Job Crafting? – It’s a strategy that gives employees the chance to design their roles for a more meaningful experience of work. Given that everyone is adapting to a different way of working currently, and everything is open to change, now could be the time to consider Job Crafting. Many businesses will be taking a look at how and why they do things and asking, “Do we really need to be doing this in this way or at all?”

Dr Richard Thackray from the Washington D.C office of Aviation Medicine has worked with pilots to understand how automation and boredom affects them. He’s found that a group of tasks that feel monotonous and lack meaning combined with deadline-driven roles and fast-paced work environments is a recipe for burnout. On the other hand, where there is some sense of autonomy and freedom to make decisions and also the “novelty “ factor of new challenges, then motivation and performance increases.

Perhaps none of this is particularly new but given our world (including our working world) has been turned upside down ……it gives the possibility that we might do things differently going forward. Everything is up for discussion, review and change and so now may be the time for you to look at your role, how you could do it differently to give greater satisfaction and most likely increase productivity at the same time.


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