Why now is the perfect time to update your CV….. by Catriona Cookson

When was the last time you updated your cv? Maybe when you started your current role? And that may be some time ago.

We all know we should keep it up to date, but most people never do until they are exploring new options. We are all spending more time at home at the moment and this is a good opportunity to invest in your future and get your cv up to date. CV preferences are very subjective ….and from too many years looking at cvs, I share a few tips below:

Length – one page or two….is longer acceptable? Well, as ever it depends – for those in the earlier stages of your career, two pages should be sufficient and for people who have had much longer careers a third page is fine but not six pages please! Review your earlier roles and reduce content there to save space, concentrate on what you’ve been doing in most recent roles.

Style / Format – I still prefera chronological cv rather than a list of capabilities / skills and am a big fan of bullet points, makes it easy to read a lot of cvs quickly. Profile paragraphs are worthwhile if you have a specialist focus on an industry sector or service line, but too many don’t add anything to your content so save the space for something else.

Show me the evidence – Give some context to your client projects – the team size, the length of the project and most importantly the outcome and the achievements. Too many cvs have too much narrative, that’s where bullet points are so practical in conveying the details.

And remember, the cv is your marketing document, it’s designed to spark an interest either in a “Yes this is definitely a good fit for our open role” or “Interesting cv, worth having a conversation”. No one knows where recruitment and hiring plans will go in the coming months ……some areas of consulting will continue to grow, others may take a pause, perhaps there may be more contract opportunities. What you can do is be prepared, and one of the best ways to do this is to update your cv, and if you’d like us to have a look at it, pop it across and we’ll be happy to help.


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