Today is my first day of working from home…. by Catriona Cookson

….and it’s going to be an adjustment as it is for everyone. Recruitment is a face to face business and so at BLT we have generally been office based enjoying the companionship of a small group of colleagues, and having lots of face to face meetings with others either office based or in more recent years in coffee shops. We’ve tended to work from home occasionally, typically for personal and domestic appointments requiring some flexibility in the working day.

And then life changed …. we all knew working from home was on the horizon but perhaps not as suddenly as this….no real time to phase it in or adopt the rota systems some companies were planning. I am just very lucky that I have a job and one that can be done from home, many people don’t and I absolutely recognise that…….and so we have to approach this positively.

I have made a simple plan ….

Be outside as much as possible: Start the day with a walk or a run, have a short walk at lunchtime and some fresh air at the end of the day. I am just very thankful the lighter mornings and evenings are here.

Get to grips with (and enjoy) the virtual technology … We have a daily Zoom BLT team video call, which keeps us all connected and many of our clients are using this too to keep conversations going in these uncertain times. And for family too, Face Time with my family in Scotland to keep us in touch.

Cut down on the news coverage – we need to be informed but it serves no purpose to be constantly “checking in” on the news. This morning at breakfast I tuned into Michael Portillo and his Train Journeys, on a very pleasant trip to Southend and out into the Essex marshes. I’ve started watching “Outlander” in the evenings, there are five series so that should keep me going for a while and keeps me connected to Scotland too. And then some yoga stretches before bed … got to keep up the good work even if the classes are postponed for now!

Read, read, read ……pick up a book instead of scrolling through my phone flicking from one thing to another.

Stay away from the biscuit tin during the day! There’s a real temptation to snack during the day while working from home, although to be honest we do like a biscuit with a cup of tea in the BLT office. So, a cup of tea and a biscuit in the evening watching a boxed set is acceptable but I’ll save my treat for then.

And finally, I have bought some seeds ……. I’ve never grown flowers from seed before and so I’m giving it a go and look forward to the burst of colour in the summer months.


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