Learning at work …”Nothing that matters is ever learned with ease” by Catriona Cookson

Gianpiero Petriglieri is an associate Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD who has spent many years coaching and teaching individuals and developing learning initiatives for clients. His articles are interesting and engaging, always worth a read. A recent one on learning at work caught my eye.

All major businesses (and smaller ones too) stress that learning and development of staff is key to business growth. Yet as Gianpiero outlines in his article learning at work can be complicated. Perhaps some of the disquiet arises from the fact that a lot of training can now be done online, flexibly at a time to suit the individual. So far so good ……but learning IS work and should be accommodated in the working day rather than the individual feeling obliged to do in his/her own time.

And what about the fact that learning can be difficult and challenging sometimes generating at the very least ambivalence and even resistance……what if you don’t like the subject or can’t do it. We’d all do well to remember “Nothing truly novel, nothing that matters, is ever learned with ease”

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