The Art of Being A Good Leaver…….by Catriona Cookson

As all the news channels continue to be dominated by the Harry and Meghan scenario and everyone weighs in with their views it got me thinking about the whole topic of being a good leaver.

While their intentions may well be justified, and I do think the whole scenario is actually quite sad…. I can’t help thinking they have gone about it the wrong way. In too many years in recruitment , I’ve always encouraged people to leave on good terms from their current employer …to be a good leaver …because although you may not realise it now, your paths may cross again at some time in the future with your current colleagues and/or boss.

If it’s true that Harry and Meghan either didn’t tell the Queen or chose not to do as she asked …it really is the equivalent of boasting to your colleagues about your new job and organising your leaving drinks before you’ve told your boss ….never a good move! Even if you are at the stage where you really can’t stand the place any more, just bide your time. If for example you’re trying to negotiate your notice period, then do absolutely everything your boss asks re managing your news to your team / business.

Many of you may have started the New Year intent on moving on from your current role, and in the heady rush of excitement when you’re ready to go ……just remember “Always Be A Good Leaver”

Harry and Megan Waving

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