Should job adverts tell it how it really is? by Catriona Cookson

Whatever your views on Dominic Cummings, his recent advertisement for an assistant attracted a lot of attention. While clearly an unconventional advert and leaving to one side you can’t specify you are looking for candidates to be young and recently graduated (what do you meant you don’t want someone who lived through the last Gulf War and the Falklands crisis ?!?) …..dare I say it, I actually quite liked the advert.

It makes it very clear that work will dominate everything and tough luck if you you’ve got a class on Wednesdays or theatre tickets on Thursday …you won’t be going! And while the language is harsh “I’ll bin you within weeks if you don’t fit”… least you know where you stand!

And how will DC select this person …will he have to follow standard procedures or will he be allowed to adopt his own maverick approach? Will he use some kind of psychometric profiling or situational judgement questions used by the Civil Service or maybe some of the new interactive video games which some companies are now using?

Whatever your views, there’s no denying it’s a fascinating role…interesting to see who ultimately is selected …..and chooses to accept!


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