Thinking of looking for a career move in the New Year …are you sure? by Catriona Cookson

Before your attention turns to the socialising and partying that December brings, it’s worth stopping for a moment to think ahead to the New Year. With a few days off over the Christmas break many people turn their thoughts to the year ahead and decide it’s time for a move.

But is it? This might seem odd coming from a recruiter as clearly it would seem to be in our interests to have lots of new people eager for a move in early January. However, in the same way a gym membership seems like a good idea on the 2nd of January and turns out to be a big waste of time (and money), I’d ask you to mull over the following with your mince pies …..

Why are you looking for a move?

What does “I’m looking for a new challenge really mean to you?”

What would you do if your current employer offered you a different role / promotion / more money?

All of the above are so important because if you’re not fully committed to moving, the chances are you’ll stay.! That old saying is very true – “If you’ll go for money, you’ll stay for money!” So, once you have satisfied yourself that it’s time to go, think about the logistics.

Are you on an out of town project? Can you be free for interviews, at least on a Friday?

It sounds a silly question but while a lot of interviewing can take place via Skype etc … still need to be available to meet people in person !

So, enjoy your Christmas break , have a think about your career and if it’s the right time to move then please do get in touch . If not , then please contact us at any time in the future and we’ll be happy to help.

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