Culture Shock(ing) Rules – by Davey Peyton

As the UK heads towards another election it feels like everyone is just about ready for a bit of a change. That might be a new role, a new company or just a new way of getting things done.

In a recent article the Harvard Business Review looked at Ben Horowitz’s new book and his mention of ‘shocking rules’ that divert from the norm to create a sense of ritualistic identity.

From Amazon’s buying cheap doors to make their desks to the inclusivity of Genghis Khan there’s a wide range discussed here

How does your company stack up and what ‘shocking rules’ if any do you have? Do you love them or loath them and is there anything new you’d like to see?

It’s something we are hearing more about and why we enjoy really getting to know our clients as their culture is important to them and it’s more and more important to everyone we speak to.

So if you want help finding that shock drop us a message.



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