The traditional concept of ‘Retirement’ is changing……… Liz Watt

An increasing number of us are finding ourselves in the position of considering our retirement and future life options at a far earlier stage than previous generations, especially as quite often there will be a gap between the time when we finish conventional employment and when our pensions (state or otherwise) kick in. This may be an enforced situation – eg redundancy, or driven by health or family issues; it may be that one experiences a growing realisation that life in the corporate world is no longer as fulfilling and ambitions wane; or some may be in the fortunate position that financially, suddenly it is possible to change tack.

Whatever the reason, the reality is that having made the decision to change direction or retire, many are blind-sided by the question ‘Now What?’ Lack of planning can leave a huge gap between the world that was, and the reality that is looming. Without planning and forethought, the issues that arise can include boredom, loneliness, ill health, loss of purpose and direction and often financial hardship.

In my experience, though, it is those with a sense of purpose that make the most successful transition. Everyone is different and the same plan won’t work for everybody. However, if you are one of the many who have no real idea about how to go about planning and preparing for this next phase of life, this Learning Lunch is for you.

Over a light lunch, I will help you:

  • Look at how to embrace the opportunities and challenges that you might be facing
  • Consider the options open to you as you plan your new reality
  • Think about how you are going to fill your time without a corporate structure around you
  • Assess your transferable skills
  • Discuss issues important to you with a small, like-minded group of people
  • Take away a plan as to how you can move forward

Date & time : Thursday 30th January 2020; 12-2pm

Venue : Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AL

Investment: £25 + VAT

If you would like to join me for this interactive and informative lunchtime session, please contact me:


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Central Court, 25 Southampton Buildings, London, WC2A 1AL
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