Does Mindfulness ‘Work’? by Catriona Cookson

Do I hear you groan, or perhaps raise your eyebrows at the mention of Mindfulness ….? newspapers, magazines, apps, experts, the topic is everywhere and featured prominently in the recent Mental Health Week. Every large corporate seemed to be offering Mindfulness classes to employees , although I did wonder though whether the issue is really – “Is it healthy to be working 80 hours a week?” rather than the underlying implication of “Mindfulness will help you to be more focused / efficient / cope with working long hours “

At this point, I declare an interest …eight weeks ago my yoga teacher announced she was starting a Mindfulness class immediately prior to the yoga class. I’m all for making my life easy, so it seemed the perfect opportunity to try it out. And the verdict …. well, it’s hard, not easy at all – the practicalities are difficult – frankly, sitting on your knees without getting agonising pins and needles is a challenge it itself. Added to that tuning out from the background noise of the slimming group next door is tricky but that’s all part of it…. life is not perfect, and you have to work with what you’ve got! Some exercises are easier for me than others …but like all these things it’s supposed to become part of your life rather than an activity at a class.

So, will I continue? …. yes I’m going to stick at it. Has it made any difference? Well, I don’t really know but I have introduced one change in my life which I would recommend to everyone! Do one thing at a time with your brain and give it your attention. So, if you’re watching television, don’t be scrolling through your phone or doing your online grocery shopping at the same time. If the television programme doesn’t keep your interest switch it off and do something else. If you’re listening to a podcast on the train, then focus on that (and enjoy it) rather than trying to answer emails or catch up on the magazines from the weekend papers at the same time. Try it, it’s a simple change but you might just find it makes your head feel a bit clearer!


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