Purpose Beyond Profit….by Catriona Cookson

I chuckled recently at the EuroMillions lottery winner who won £71m and freely admitted it was going to change his life – his days of shift work in a factory were over! Good for you, I thought, much better this than those people who say it won’t change them, they’ll keep doing the same job, living the same life blah blah blah.

We all drift off into the fantasy world sometimes of what we would do if we won the lottery ….and yes, I would disappear out of management consultancy recruitment quicker than you can say “blue sky thinking”! And while that would bring some amazing freedom, it brings with it some big challenges too. And that’s where purpose comes in. There seems to be a lot of chatter in the business and consulting world around purpose at the moment …. Purpose Beyond Profit….Profit with a Purpose ….. how an organisation with purpose can use this as part of its recruitment strategy etc etc.

Without a sense of purpose, most of us would be lost…we think it would be ideal to be free, to have no constraints, to do what we like…. but the combination of too much time and too much money on your hands can lead to disaster. We can all think of fabulously successful and wealthy people (or their children) who with no real focus in life can end in despair. Even people who have looked forward to retirement can often find a void when they escape from the routine and status of work.

So, as we’re all unlikely to become lottery winners anytime soon, we need to build on what we have , whether that’s in our personal lives or in our outside interests and activities. If you’re looking for some direction in your career, or to reassess some of your goals, perhaps some career coaching might help. Please do feel free to contact Liz Watt, who runs our coaching arm at BLT to discuss how she can help. In the meantime, keep buying those tickets …it could be you one day!!!


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