Thought of the Human Impact of the ‘B’ word?………by Liz Watt

A recent conversation with my colleagues about the difficulties of predicting business activity and trends in the current uncertainty around Brexit got me thinking about how this high-level uncertainty filters down to those working within these businesses. It stands to reason that if major corporates are feeling the pressure as to what decisions they should make in the run up to Brexit, then the impact on individuals within those businesses must be equally tough.

We talk about the importance of ‘tone from the top’, and how the values and actions of those in leadership positions has an impact on their employees. So if the prevailing mood in the business at Board level is uncertainty or inertia, this is bound to have an impact and the ripple effect is only too easy to imagine.

There have been myriad reports on how Brexit might affect the UK employment market, employment law and employee rights, but very little in my view on the human cost of the uncertainty affecting the people working hard to keep their businesses on track.

In an era when businesses are – quite rightly – focusing more than ever on the mental health and wellbeing of their staff, it would make sense to keep a close eye on how the Brexit debate at a macro level is affecting the mood and behaviors at a micro level.   Experience tells us that this time will pass, ultimately there will be a resolution to the current uncertainties, and when that happens it is vital that businesses are ‘match-fit’ and in a good position to take advantage of the new economic landscape, whatever that might be.

So – the questions I would ask any business leaders are these – are you looking out for the wellbeing of your staff in a time of unprecedented uncertainty? Is your business resilient from an employee perspective? Are you future-proofing your business at all levels to ensure that you survive and thrive in a post-Brexit landscape?

If any of these questions give you pause for thought but you are not sure how to respond, you might consider offering Coaching as a way to help your people manage the issues they are experiencing, and provide them with the tools and coping mechanisms to benefit them as individuals and you as a business.

If you would like to have a conversation about how Coaching can impact positively, please contact Liz Watt.


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