How does January look for you? by Liz Watt

It’s January. And once again I will be attempting Dry January. This in itself is a bit of a depressing prospect – and added to the general gloom of the month, the end of the festivities and the sense of the party being well and truly over for another year……well, it’s enough to send anyone scuttling back to bed in the vain hope that the month will be over soon!

But …. hold on a minute….. as I was contemplating the year ahead, I realized that I was in danger of creating a really negative mindset to start the year, and this is not a good place for a Coach to be in! How can I work positively with my clients, helping to set goals and plan ahead, if I am not in a positive frame of mind myself? So – time to reframe the dialogue and think again!

Over the years I have fallen out of love with making new years’ resolutions – they just seem to become a stick with which to beat myself if they fall by the wayside. So, this year, have decided to make January the month to draw breath, be kind to myself, and create a resilient and healthy mindset that will be my bedrock for the year ahead, ready to make the most of new and exciting challenges. This doesn’t mean doing anything fancy or complicated – yes, I will stick with dry January and it’s probably a good idea to focus on some healthy eating (far too much chocolate consumed over Christmas!). What else? I have a pile of new books to get stuck into and I asked for (and received) a giant jigsaw for Christmas (yes really……) which should while away some hours, and as I received a beautiful new notebook I’ll be giving journaling a go. I’ve decided to reinvigorate my exercise programme – I know I am far more likely to stick with things if I’m enjoying them rather than doing what I ‘ought’ to do. And of course there will be plenty of time for family and friends – no sense in becoming a hermit!

So in short, I feel really positive about 2019 and the opportunities out there to develop my Coaching business and the Women’s networking groups I run. There are lots of other ideas on the horizon too – if you follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn you can see what is happening.

How are you viewing your January? What plans do you have, both personal and professional? If you are stuck and would like to have some outside input in framing your 2019, please get in contact with me for an initial consultation. Time to take a positive stance and make 2019 a great year!


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