Psychometric Tests – even the England football team are doing them!! by Catriona Cookson

Psychometric tests – love them or hate them – they form a part in many hiring decisions. Even if they’re not called “tests”, and are labelled something more user friendly for example, Personality Profiling, it still feels like a test!

Recruiting in the management consultancy sector, it can be frustrating for us to see good candidates ruled out at the first stage as their profile doesn’t match the one the client is looking to hire. This begs the question – Is it really a good idea, business or otherwise, to recruit everyone with the same profile? However, if you don’t match the profile which has been shown to thrive in this firm, maybe it is better to know sooner rather than later when you may have invested a lot of time, effort and preparation into a recruitment process for a role and firm which isn’t ultimately going to be the right fit. I’ve always thought the most useful profiling tests are the ones which are very much part of the hiring decision, taken into consideration with a host of other factors. Perhaps they may be useful in highlighting training and development possibilities or as a guide in how an individual may complement an existing team’s strengths.

On the subject of teams….it seems even the England football team have been doing psychometric profiling to assess who is most suited to taking penalties. It would seem a far more sensible approach – and so far, so good – than just deciding on the day depending on who fancied having a go!!! So, love them or loathe them the profiling tests are here to stay, and as with the football, be true to yourself, answer honestly and don’t try to second guess the goalie!!

Psychometric Test

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