What do you think about “Pawternity leave”?

An article on the BBC website recently caught my eye: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39579540

A new dog owner in Columbus, Ohio, working for Scottish brewer, Brewdog, has been given a week’s paid leave from work to spend with her new puppy. Brewdog has announced  one week’s paid leave for all workers who adopt a puppy or rescue dog. The sceptical amongst us might think it’s a clever PR stunt, particularly as Brewdog have just opened a 100,000 sq ft (9,000sq m) North American brewery in Columbus.

Whatever the reason,(and it would appear that Brewdog has always been a dog friendly employer) it’s a welcome perk. While money will always be important, there are benefits which firms can offer which really make a difference to employees, don’t necessarily cost the employer a fortune, and take into account an employee’s individual circumstances.

Whether it’s a day off for your birthday, a Christmas shopping day, some time to spend with your dog, children or granny, the appeal of the non- financial perk will only increase in the future. And, as employers look to secure talent from the millennial generation and beyond, the recognition that everyone’s personal circumstances are different requiring a varied suite of benefits will differentiate one employer from another.

Pawternity Leave


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