You are about to embark on the next, new and exciting phase of your life – retirement! But are you ready for it?

The concept of retirement has changed a great deal in recent years. For many, it is no  longer the gold watch at 65, and then a gentle retreat into your twilight years accompanied by pipe and slippers.

Today’s retirees are often much younger and not 100% ready to give up full time work.  Or you may have reached the official retirement  age, but still have loads of energy and curiosity for the world around you.  There may be things you still want to achieve but have no idea about how to plan them.

If up until now, you have been wholly focussed on your professional life, you may not have given much serious thought to how your retirement might look, other than to plan a couple more holidays and look forward to no more commuting!

To many, retirement creeps up on them and they have no real plan for it.  Or they have ignored the issue as they don’t know where to start. This is where BLT’s FutureLife Coaching programme comes in. We believe that to get the most out of this next phase in your life, you need to apply the same level of planning as you have to the rest of your life and career.

This programme will work with you to develop a framework for your retirement. Do you want to continue working – not necessarily in your professional field? If yes, what type of work? What are the options? What skills and experience from your working life can you apply to new challenges? How do you go about finding these opportunities, whether it be paid employment, charitable endeavours, community projects – the list is endless.  What other activities do you want to pursue? How are you going to fill your time?

And what about the more subtle aspects of retirement? Are you ready mentally? How do you look back on your career? How will you approach the lack of structure? The absence of work colleagues and clients? The mental stimulation and challenge that your role has provided?

BLT FutureLife Coaching programme will equip you with the skills to plan this next phase of your life in a positive and constructive manner.  As your Coach, I will work with you to address any of these issues you are facing, establish a road map for the coming months and years ahead that you can use as your guide and reference point and provide you with a totally confidential space in which  to work through any fears and anxieties you might have as you approach this milestone.  I will  help you to find ways to realise your hopes and ambitions and give you practical guidance as to how to achieve them.

This can be a time of mixed emotions – retrospection, pride, anxiety, joy, apprehension, excitement, trepidation.  Channelling these so that you approach retirement with a positive attitude and a plan that will work for you are crucial to achieving a successful retirement and the BLT FutureLife Coaching programme will work with you to achieve this.

If you would like to have a confidential discussion as to how this might work for you, please contact Liz Watt on 020 7419 6416 or bltcoaching1@gmail.com


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