Core Values

What are Values?  In short -  values are at the root of who we are. Our  values are the things that we believe are fundamentally  important to us  in the way we live and work.

When our values align with what we are doing and the way we behave,  then we are more likely to feel content and fulfilled; acting against our core values usually results in discontent and even unhappiness. Life can feel off kilter in some indefinable way.

For example – if one of your core values  is family, but you work long hours or travel a great deal, will this cause you stress?  Or if you prize health as a core value but are offered a role with a tobacco company, how will accepting that role make you feel?

Spending some time defining your values therefore can really help you as you seek answers to questions about your career and other major life choices.   To help you define what these values are, here is a brainstorming exercise to start you thinking.

Ideally you should aim for around 10 values that are most important to you.  At the end of this article, you’ll find a list of the most common personal values, if you need a bit of extra help.

Once you have your top 10 values, it is an idea to rank them,  and then use these as a measure against important decisions you  have to make. And don’t forget that your values and their relative rankings can change over time. So for example at the start of your career, ambition and success may be fundamental to you, but at a later stage, balance  and freedom might come to the fore.


Core Values


If you would like some help in defining your values and how defining these values will  give you greater control over your career and life,  call Liz (020 7419 6416) for an initial discussion.

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